Everything We Know About Wendell & Wild

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendell & Wild is slated for release on Netflix in late 2022 - and here's everything we know about the upcoming movie. First announced in 2015 with Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick at its helm, Wendell & Wild is his first motion picture project since Coraline in 2009. Wendell & Wild is slated to be one of three stop-motion films released on Netflix in 2022.

With a repertoire including James and the Giant PeachCoraline, and Monkeybone, Wendell & Wild director Selick has distinguished himself as one of the premier names in stop-motion animation. Wendell & Wild continues his legacy as a stop-motion director and has by all accounts been a collaborative effort, with Jordan Peele listed alongside Selick as one of its primary writers. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have been attached to Wendell & Wild since it was first announced in 2015, with the rest of the cast being officially announced in March of 2022.


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Jordan Peele has made a name for himself as a horror writer in recent years, meaning viewers who like Jordan Peele's brand of horror and comedy may well find a feature to their liking in Wendell & Wild. While there's still not much known about what exactly Wendell & Wild will entail, the recent reveals for the Netflix project promise a darkly enthralling adventure. Here's everything we know about Netflix's upcoming stop-motion feature Wendell & Wild.

Wendell & Wild Cast

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key have been attached to Wendell & Wild since its announcement in 2015. They're slated to play two brothers who are demons and are trying to get into the real world. Lyric Ross is set to play a 13-year-old girl the two brothers are trying to manipulate, with an extended cast that includes Ving Rhames, Angela Basset, James Hong, Sam Zelaya, Tamara Smart, Ramona Young, and Seema Virdi in various supporting roles.

Wendell & Wild Story Details

wendell wild key peele netflix

Wendell & Wild is labeled as a dark fantasy comedy horror, which leaves a lot of room for what its story might be about. Given that the Netflix film is entirely stop-motion, it can be counted on that the medium will lend something to the story and the way it's presented. All that has been revealed of the plot so far is that two demon brothers named Wendell and Wild try to enlist the aid of a 13-year-old girl named Kat to be summoned to the land of the living.

Wendell & Wild Release Date

Netflix has announced the release date for Wendell & Wild as October 2022 but hasn't publicly set a specific day for its release. Due to the film's horror leanings, an October release makes sense in preparation for Halloween. With Halloween season on the horizon, viewers excited for more Henry Selick, more Jordan Peele, or just more stop-motion in general will have access to Selick's Wendell & Wild on Netflix soon.