FBoy Island: CJ Franco From Season 1's Best Instagram Photos In 2022

Fboy Island alum CJ Franco has been busy since the show's cameras stopped rolling, and her two Instagram accounts feature a lot of great photos from 2022. CJ joined the season 1 cast as one of three women hoping to find love. Shocking fans, CJ chose "new" Jarred Evans over Casey Johnson, with whom she had an immediate connection. Casey had felt so many sparks that he escaped Limbro and rejoined the contestants, so he could have a second chance with the model and comedian.

Fans are noticing that Tamaris Sepulveda, currently looking for love in Fboy Island season 2, shares many similarities with CJ, further confirmed by Tamaris' attachment to returned "reformed" FBoy, Casey. Both women have an uncanny ability to identify FBoys, enjoy being FGirls occasionally, and live for spontaneity. While both are aspiring models, they've chosen to focus on their day jobs. Of course, with CJ's two Instagram accounts totaling 585.9K followers, compared to Tamaris' 63.2K followers, CJ seems to have a more expansive fan base.


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While fans may be disappointed at the 36 photos on her backup Instagram account, @itscjfranco, her more recent primary Instagram account @cjfranco makes up for the confusing content with 608 posts. CJ's best photos in the first half of 2022 feature many aspects of her personality, from the comedic and quirky to the sexy and stunning. CJ's promotional website CJFranco.com also features some sultry photos of this former FBoy Island contestant. CJ's photos depict a happy woman who has no regrets over rejecting Casey and breaking up with Jarred.

CJ's Comedy Takes Center Stage in 2022

CJ has been working on building her comedy career since the cameras stopped rolling, and although she was an aspiring model, she has chosen to focus mostly on her comedy. She says, "I'd rather be funny than pretty ... but good thing I'm both, y'all stay safe tho," in this Instagram post from July 1. Still stunning, CJ's photos show a lighter, goofier side of the former FBoy Island beauty. See the photo HERE.

Fans Love CJ's Wry Humor

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In CJ's professional photos, she isn't afraid to show her less attractive moments, and captions them well. This March 22 post was captioned, "You can either be funny or mentally stable," and has over 5,800 likes. CJ's self-deprecating humor resonates with Fboy Island fans.

CJ's Posts Get Lots Of Attention

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This post from January 9 captured her sense of humor about her time on FBoy Island, by saying, "My biggest accomplishment last year was buying an air fryer...the bar is low." Fans were quick to point out the model in the mirror and CJ not matching. Perhaps a better match for CJ would have been Casey Johnson, instead of Jarred Evans.

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CJ's Most Loved 2022 Photo

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CJ's most-loved photo of 2022 has over 7,800 likes.  She was as poised and graceful as ever while showing her natural beauty in a relaxed and flowing skirt. The picture was snapped on her first vacation of 2022. Despite this post earning a substantial number of likes, her most-liked post in 2021 doubled that number.

CJ Franco's FBoy Island days are behind her, but she still enjoys tropical settings. This brunette bombshell can still capture fans' hearts with her stunning beauty and quirky, fun-loving demeanor. With comedian Nikki Glaser being one of her biggest cheerleaders, CJ is bound for comedic greatness as she continues to build her career after her reality TV stardom. CJ, keep being you!