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Ilan Luttway and Avery Solomon recently shared with Hollywood Life that after filming season 1 of  Forever Summer Hamptons, neither one is dating anyone. Ilan said that he and Sophia Messa "maintained loose contact" and Avery shared that she and Frankie Hammer "are on friendly terms." The Amazon Prime reality series has eight episodes packed with flirting, juicy moments, and enough arguments to keep viewers entertained.

The cast of young adults are all at exciting points in their lives as they spend one fantastic summer together while getting ready to go back to college, start school for the first time, or see what's next in the real world. Fans can keep up with the cast members and follow them on Instagram.


Sophia Messa (@sophiamessa, 43.k followers)

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Sophia and Ilan had a rocky start to their relationship as Sophia wasn't sure that she wanted to be more than friends. After a pasta dinner on the beach and some fun hang-outs, the couple decided to start dating and thought that they could continue seeing each other once Ilan went back to college and Sophia continued to pursue her music career.

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Sophia shares her songs on her Instagram account and viewers can hear her beautiful voice and keep up with where she's performing. It was sweet watching Sophia and Ilan fall for each other, and if there is a season 2, it will be interesting to see if both cast members return.

Shannon Sloane (@shannon_sloane, 1,828 followers)

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Forever Summer Hamptons had some of the best fights on reality TV but Shannon Sloane tried to stay out of the drama. Shannon attends Fashion Institute of Technology and she and Avery had some drama as at first, Frankie liked Shannon and then he set his sights on Avery.

Shannon spent a lot of time on the show with her good friends Milo Munshin and Lottie Evans. Although Lottie's Instagram is private, fans can follow Shannon and see her travels and experiences.

Habtamu Coulter (@habtamu_coulter, 2,302 followers)

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Habtamu Coulter, who goes by "Habs," shared that he is from Ethiopia and that his parents adopted him. He was open and honest about growing up in the Hamptons and experiencing racism.

Habs's scenes were the most sweetest and most heartwarming on the reality show, as he and Juliet Clark bonded and became pals and he really enjoyed being part of the overall friend group. Habs also made his friends laugh when he constantly called everything "bussin'."

Juliet Clark (@juliet_clarke, 2,425 followers)

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Forever Summer Hamptons is one of the best Amazon Prime Video July 2022 shows and the cast members make for an entertaining and heartfelt viewing experience. Women's Health reported that Juliet studied new communications media at SUNY Cortland. Juliet's storyline focused on her relationship with Tony and the hurt she felt that her dad didn't want to meet him or support their romance.

Juliet didn't get along with everyone on the show, and she was honest about finding Shannon and Lottie to be boring, but she was a great support system for her friends.

Milo Munshin (@milo.m2, 1,738 followers)

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Milo is from the Hamptons and lives in NYC, and fans can follow him on his Instagram account and see him post about his adorable dog Sneakers and good times with friends.

Milo did his best to stay from away from conflict on the reality series, often being a reasonable sounding board for the situations that his friends were going through.

Avery Solomon (@averysolomon_, 11.4k followers)

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From the first episode, Avery was shown to be the main cast member, as the story of this summer was mainly told from her perspective. Avery was ready to have some fun while also excited to go back to Tulane University when the weather turned cooler.

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Avery had a relatable plotline as she enjoyed making new friends and wanted Emelye to see things from her perspective. Avery was a strong member of the cast, as she came to terms with her past and thought about her future.

Emelye Ender (@emelyeender, 57.6k followers

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Emelye Ender had a tough summer, as she didn't like living in an apartment with her boyfriend Hunter Hulse and also fought with Avery, who she had been best friends with for years.

The Amazon Prime show is a reality series that fans can binge thanks to the relationships and interactions between the cast members. Watching Emelye and Avery fight was sad but realistic, as the show proved that it can be tricky and complicated to maintain long-term friendships as everyone gets older.

Reid Rubio (@reidrubio, 3,739 followers)

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After finishing his degree at Syracuse University, according to Women's Health, Reid Rubio began his career as a software engineer. Reid's role on Forever Summer Hamptons involved being friends with everyone, which sometimes resulted in drama and tension as he moved between two different social groups.

Reid's presence on the show was important as he shared that he had an exciting job interview and was starting to think about what post-college life would look like for him.

Hunter Hulse (@hunterhulse_, 2,530 followers)

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Southern Charm has many dramatic moments and since the producers from that series also worked on Forever Summer Hamptons, the same wild storylines took place. Hunter became upset with Ilan as he thought that Ilan liked his girlfriend Emelye, and the two cast members fought at a fancy party and also on what was meant to be a relaxing and peaceful boat trip.

Fans got to know Hunter as a chill person who enjoyed spending time with Emelye. The others shared that he used to have a temper, and he wasn't pleased with Ilan and didn't want to get to know him.

Frankie Hammer (@the.hammer.files, 2,018 followers)

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Frankie is the zen philosopher of Forever Summer Hamptons, and when he and Avery began hanging out, viewers saw the difference between their future plans. Avery is in school and likes to plan things, while Frankie loves to surf, have a good time, and go with the flow.

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Frankie and Ilan became good friends quickly and often turned to each other for dating advice. Frankie's chill and calm personality was a good fit for the reality show as he felt refreshing to watch.

Ilan Luttway (@ilan.luttway, 3,723 followers)

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Ilan spent the summer in the Hamptons and was called a "cidiot" as he hadn't spent time there before. Ilan attends the University of Michigan and shared with Sophia on one of their dates that he studies computer science.

While Ilan fought with the other cast members and there was always drama, fans saw a softer side of him when he hung out with his family, including his mom and grandma, who he is very close with.

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