Free Splatoon 3 & NBA 2K23 Discounts Offered To High School Esports Teams

The esports competition platform PlayVS is offering free copies of Nintendo's Splatoon 3 and discounts for 2K Games' NBA 2K23 to high school esports teams. Though both are part of completely different genres of video games, Splatoon 3 and NBA 2K23 are slated to launch on September 9.

This is not PlayVS' first partnership with a video game company. In fact, last year PlayVS partnered with Nintendo to bring both Splatoon 2 and Smash Ultimate to high schools as varsity esports. In addition to donating 3,000 copies of either game to select schools across the United States, the partnership also offered a 12-month individual membership to Nintendo Switch Online. The partnership between PlayVS and Nintendo ushered in the Fall 2021 season of high school esports across America.


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The Fall 2022 season of high school esports will see PlayVS and Nintendo offering high school esports teams free copies of Splatoon 3, while PlayVS and NBA 2K will offer these teams discounted editions of NBA 2K23. In a press release, PlayVS explains that every enrolled high school esports team will receive four copies of Splatoon 3 and discounted copies of the upcoming Michael Jordan-covered NBA 2K23 on their September 9 release dates. The addition of both titles to the Fall 2022 season will replace the existing Splatoon 2 leagues and NBA 2K22 circuits once their respective seasons start. Furthermore, PlayVS will start another round of Nintendo Bundle giveaways which include a Nintendo Switch, a one-year Nintendo Switch Online membership, a game code for each Nintendo game the high school team is enrolled in, and other accessories.

Discounts Show Nintendo's Attitude To Esports Could Be Changing

Nintendo partnering with PlayVS to offer Splatoon 3 is significant, especially considering the fact that the video game giant once issued a Cease and Desist to organizers for an online Super Smash Bros. tournament. Though Nintendo partnered with PlayVS to offer Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to high school esports last year, this year's offering of Splatoon 3 is slightly different. As Splatoon 3 will be available to teams on its launch day, students can partake in the very-first competitive circuits for the game. When Nintendo offered Splatoon 2 last year, the game had already been out for several years. Splatoon 3, however, will be made available to the realm of esports right away.

As the future of esports is changing, PlayVS' renewed partnership with Nintendo suggests that the Japanese company may want to invest in this part of the industry. Perhaps the public's growing interest in the esports scene, especially with popular tournament games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is what will encourage companies like Nintendo and 2K Games to embrace the change.