Friends: 5 Times Rachel Green Dressed Like A Millennial (& 5 Times Like Gen Z)

With the fun news from Manchester Evening News that fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing has recreated Rachel's maxi dress from "The One Where No One’s Ready," fans can now use the piece to create as many formal looks as possible. While the mint green dress is a classic '90s piece, it has scope to fit into the modern black-tie vibe as well, proving Rachel's sense of style is timeless, indeed.

As the gang's resident fashion expert, Rachel Green lived and breathed fashion since the first episode of Friends. She sported multiple trends, and her best style moments blend the '90s and the Y2K fashion aesthetics effortlessly. While some of Rachel's notable ensembles are popular amongst members of the millennial cohort, others are simply adored by Gen Z. In any case, they deserve praise, recognition, and love.


Dressed Like A Millennial

Blue Cami And Pink Cardigan

Rachel Green at Joey's apartment and at Central Perk in Friends

Rachel always cracked the code to correct color mixing. Her ability to mix and match colors and patterns highlighted and took her outfit to the next level. Her blue-pink color combination is reminiscent of the early-to-mid 2000s fashion aesthetic, more specifically the year 2000, when season 6's "The One with the Ring" aired.

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Rachel topped off her blue cami with a plush, millennial pink-toned cardigan. Her look gives off a distinctive fashionista off-duty vibe and the outfit's color palette is all the rage right now.

Crop Top, Millennial Mom Jeans, And Baseball Cap

Rachel Ross Chandler Joey at Central Perk in Friends

In a true, millennial style, Rachel embraced the funky crop top, baseball cap, and mom jeans combination in "The One with the Thumb." She and her friends were at a baseball game and thus, her casual-sporty outfit is totally on point.

Rachel's street style was alluring, and every outfit she wore was a mix of comfort and style. In this instance, the mix-match of mom jeans, crop top, and baseball cap look effortlessly cool. All in all, Rachel's street style look has, to put it simply, the hard-to-shake-off quintessential '90s vibe.

Crisp Shirt And High-Waisted Skirt

Mr. Waltham, Rachel Green and Joshua Burgin at Bloomingdale's in Friends

In season 4's "The One With Rachel's Crush," Rachel's fully embraced the millennial office wear trend that's synonymous with well-fitted sharp suits. She looked well put together in her business-as-usual outfit on the day Joshua Burgin arrived at Bloomingdale's. Rachel made a first good impression on him by following proper professional dress etiquette. They eventually went on to date for a while, and Joshua counted as one of her likable exes on Friends.

While Rachel would often combine tights with T-shirts and miniskirts, this time around she updated the looked and turned it into stylish formal wear by using a well-fitted striped shirt.

Plaid Leggings And White Crop-Top

Rachel Green Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay dancing in Friends

Rachel is the quintessential millennial in her skinny slacks and tight-fit t-shirt in season 1's "The One with the Fake Monica." The storyline features Monica tracking her imposter down to a tap-dance class, and Rachel and Phoebe tagging along to observe this stranger.

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Being a fashion-savvy person, Rachel's the only one who walks in wearing appropriate dance attire. It is thanks to her skinny bottoms and a well-fitted T-shirt that she is able to get through dance combinations. The oversized jumper tied around Rachel's waist is a nice touch to the outfit and the outfit finds a special place in the millennial style book.

Turquoise Suit

Split image showing Joey Rachel Monica and Chandler at the women's apartment in Friends

Dressed Like Gen Z

Oversized Shirt And Black Bottoms

Rachel Green playing Poker at her apartment in Friends

Rachel embodies the youthful Gen Z aesthetic in the 1994 episode, "The One With All the Poker." She looks like has no time to go full glam but has definitely put decent thought into scraping an outfit out of the clothes at hand.

Rachel's striped pastel blue shirt is gender-neutral, and it looks stylish. While she's invested in the poker game, her outfit gives off an effortlessly cool vibe. All in all, Rachel wins at the exact same youthful aesthetic that's made a comeback with Generation Z.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt And Blue Jeans

Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay at Central Perk in Friends

Tie-dye prints are huge among members of Gen Z currently and Rachel sported such a print in season 7's "The One With Ross' Library Book." She paired her funky blue-grey top with dark, blue denim and accessorized with gold hoops.

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The grey-blue color pallette of Rachel's outfit went well with the baguette bag and her minimal accessory look. She looked effortless, yet delightfully vibrant in the ensemble that packed two of the hottest trends from the current fashion landscape, per Vogue, Singapore.

Knicks Basketball Sweatshirt And Comfy Pants

Ross and Rachel at Monica's apartment in Friends

Rachel sported two Gen Z staples, an oversized sweatshirt and comfy pants in one of the funniest Friends episodes, "The One Where No One's Ready." She jumped into her cozy sweats towards the end because of Ross, and her choice of outfit doesn't come without a bit of a backstory.

When Ross snapped at Rachel in front of their friends, she went inside her bedroom, humiliated,  and changed into an oversized Knicks sweatshirt to let him know she was hurt. Rachel was angry at Ross, therefore, wearing a crewneck sweatshirt and sweatpants was the best way to convey she had decided to sit out his black-tie event. Regardless of the backstory, the sweats are counted among Rachel's trendiest fashion moments from Friends.

Perfect Length Slim-Fit T-Shirt, And Black Pants

Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay sitting on a couch in Friends

Rachel served this casual, chic look in "The One with the Apothecary Table." When broken down, it's made of a black and pink combination of two basic outfits, i.e. a perfect-length t-shirt and loose-fitted pants. She cranked the millennial soft pink hue up a notch and wore a pink top, synonymous with the bright, bold, bubblegum Y2K era, which thanks to Gen Z, is experiencing a renaissance right now.

Rachel's eclectic mix of hot pink top, black pants, and minimal accessories are easy on the eye. The fact that this hot hue of pink is the color trend in 2022 (according to Harpers Bazaar), must alone land the outfit an honorable spot in Rachel's best outfits on Friends.

Relaxed Fit Shirt And Straight-Leg Jeans

Rachel Green by the window in Friends

Rachel effortlessly combines two Gen Z staples in her season 1 outfit from the pilot episode. She sported an oversized shirt and straight-leg jeans that are all the rage right now. Her beachy waves are a result of getting drenched earlier that day and her broody look is because she's contemplating a life of independence and financial freedom.

Not only is Rachel's outfit comfortable, but the fit is versatile enough for the wearer to dress it up or down. She definitely dressed it down because the occasion demanded so.

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