Galaxy Watch 4 Manager Keeps Stopping? Try These Fixes

Over the past few weeks, multiple Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users have complained about an issue where the manager keeps crashing, but there are a few tricks that appear to fix the problem. However, this is not the first issue of its kind, as error messages that say, "XYZ keeps stopping" have also popped up on Samsung phones in the past.

In most cases, a faulty update is the main reason a particular app starts malfunctioning or even sends the whole system on random boot cycles. Even Google is known to occasionally seed unfinished updates that break specific tools on Pixel phones from time to time. In the Galaxy Watch 4's case, things are a tad hit or miss.


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On Samsung's official community forum in Korea, a moderator shared that disabling the "Nearby Devices" permission for the companion Galaxy Wearable app is causing the problem. Shared on July 11, the post also mentioned that Samsung was looking into the issue and will soon roll out a corrective update. To ensure that the setting mentioned above is enabled, follow this path on the connected Samsung phone: Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Nearby device scanning. As for the update in question, Samsung rolled out an update for the Galaxy Watch 4 the week of July 17, but there is no mention of a fix for the manager crashing issue in the release notes.

It's Probably The Wearable App Raising Hell

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic sensors

As far as user complaints on Reddit and Samsung's Community forum go, there are a few other solutions worth trying out if the Nearby Devices tweak doesn't fix the manager crashing issue. The first one is to uninstall and then re-install the Galaxy Wearable app on both the phone and the smartwatch. Of course, make sure all the health fitness data is backed up locally and, if possible, also stored on the Samsung account cloud servers. This trick appears to have solved the problem for some users. However, it's not a universal fix.

Even after rebooting the device, some users say they keep seeing the same Galaxy Watch manager error message every 10 minutes. A lengthy Reddit thread pins the complaint on a recent Wearable app update. Even after enabling the Nearby Devices setting, the issue persists. For some beta testers, updating the Galaxy Watch 4 plugin did the job. But if none of the above solutions appear to be working, the last resort is to perform a hard reset, which would wipe all the data on the smartwatch and set it up anew with all the default settings in place and running the latest versions of all the pre-installed apps.