Genius Matrix Theory Explains Resurrections' Trinity Twist

The Matrix Resurrections' reveal of Trinity and Neo both being The One took many by surprise, but one fan theory suggests that such a concept was already present in The Matrix. More than two decades after the first Matrix movie, theories and speculations about the world around Neo never ceased to exist. As such, it was difficult for Matrix Resurrections to bring something new to the story while also delivering on the audience's expectations, but, despite the harsh reviews, the movie did succeed at least in adding an unexpected twist.

At the end of the also highly divisive Matrix sequels, Neo sacrifices himself to defeat Agent Smith and to guarantee that humans and machines could live in a truce. After uncountable cycles of The One being used as nothing but an instrument in the Architect's plans through the Oracle, Matrix Revolutions' ending finally saw the prophecy being fulfilled. However, Matrix Resurrections revealed that there was still a fight to be fought. There could not be a Matrix 4 if a new conflict was not created, and thus a new villain had to be designed for Matrix Resurrections.


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The 2021 movie reveals that not all of the machines were onboard with the truce, especially because there was no longer enough power being generated from within the Matrix to the machines. A machine civil war started, and the winning side, a faction led by Matrix Resurrections' The Analyst, was able to find and resurrect Neo and Trinity's bodies. The Analyst realized that, when placed together inside the Matrix under specific circumstances, Neo and Trinity produced more power than any other human. Not only that, but when together inside the Matrix and aware of their feelings toward each other, not only Neo but also Trinity had powers – a significant difference from the original movie. Curiously, months before Matrix Resurrections even premiered, a fan theory (via Reddit) found evidence for a stronger connection between Trinity and the prophecy of The One, suggesting that Trinity literally had the power to decide who The One was going to be. That is slightly different from what the Oracle told Trinity – that she was bound to fall in love with The One.

The Matrix Suggests Cypher Believed He Was The One

Joe Pantoliano as Cypher in The Matrix

The first part of this theory notes how bitter and resentful Cypher was towards both Neo and Trinity in The Matrix. Granted, Cypher later proved to be the least trustworthy person aboard Morpheus' ship, but the character seemed to be especially bothered by Trinity and later Neo. It is possible that, before Neo was found, Morpheus suspected that Cypher could be The One and that now the character was resentful for it not being the case. Morpheus had been after The One for most of his life, so it would make sense that many of the people who were recruited for the Nebuchadnezzar could have been potential candidates.

What is interesting about the idea of Cypher being a "failed" The One is how he treats Trinity as if he blames her for him not being The One. For example, Cypher says, "I don't remember you ever doing that for me," after seeing Trinity serve Neo food aboard the Nebuchadnezzar. Such a line suggests that Cypher not only knew that Trinity's choice would define who The One was going to be, but that Morpheus once believed that Cypher could be that person.

Theory: The One's Prophecy Always Involved Trinity

Neo and Trinity walking together in Matrix.

The Oracle says that Trinity would fall in love with The One. However, considering the events of Matrix Resurrections, it is possible that it was actually the other way around – whomever Trinity fell in love with would then become The One. Trinity and Neo's powers in Matrix Resurrections only fully worked when they were together, and, in The Matrix, it was only after Trinity told Neo she loved him that Keanu Reeves' character finally achieved his full power. The Matrix's original Oracle statement to Trinity indirectly diminishes the latter's importance, limiting her role in the story to "fall in love with The One." The other interpretation, on the other hand, acknowledges how Trinity was always a crucial part of The One's prophecy, and it makes Matrix Resurrections' story better. Trinity does not display powers in the Matrix original trilogy, but her falling in love with Neo and thus granting him the powers of The One could be interpreted as a display of her own powers.

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Is Trinity The One In Matrix Resurrections?

Neo & Trinity in The Matrix Resurrections

In Matrix Resurrections, both Neo and Trinity are The One. Not only are they the main source of power for the machines led by The Analyst's program, generating far more energy than any other humans inside the Matrix, but they both display powers when in the simulation. However, the "magic" of The One only happens when Neo and Trinity are not only together but also aware of their feelings toward each, which only happens at the end of Matrix Resurrections. The Analyst tried his best to keep Neo and Trinity close enough to generate a lot of power but not to recognize each other, but once they finally did, nothing could stop the two "Ones." The reveal of Trinity also being The One is perfectly symbolized in the scene in which both Neo and Trinity jump out of the building, and, in a parallel with the first Matrix, it is Trinity who flies in Resurrections.

Matrix Resurrections' The One Twist Confirms Trinity Theory

Matrix Resurrections fixes Matrix Revolutions trinity insult

Trinity had always been connected with the prophecy of The One. The mystery, however, was to what extent. A superficial analysis of The Matrix and its first two sequels can make it seem like Trinity's role was restricted to identifying who The One was by falling in love with them, but Matrix Resurrections reveal that it was much more than that. After Matrix Resurrections, Cypher's possible frustration for not being The One as that fan theory suggests makes even more sense. Whether it was always the plan for Trinity to be an actual part of the prophecy of The One or if that was a The Matrix Resurrections retcon is difficult to say, but the reveal works within everything that had been established in The Matrix – including Cypher's bitterness towards Neo and Trinity.