Get Notifications About Friends’ Locations On Google Maps

Users can now get notifications of their friends' locations on Google Maps. This feature is great for knowing where friends are when meeting with them. It can also be a great safety feature to see when their friend got home safely after a night out. Or if they are meeting up with a stranger for a date.

Google introduced a similar feature back in May. Users could drop a pin and share that location with friends. It worked in a similar way to the sharing location feature. To drop a pin, users would select a spot on the map and hold, then select the address and share it with a contact. It was a handy tool to share where the meeting place would be. The sharing location feature went further than that.


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This is an addition to the sharing location feature. After a user has shared their location, they can set up notifications for when that person's location changes. Go to the Google Maps app and select the user that has shared their location. Then select 'Add' next to 'Notifications.' From here, the user can choose to get notified when the user arrives or leaves certain places. At the top, select the location. A pop-up will appear, asking the user to save the notification. Then at the bottom, toggle whether to be alerted when they arrive or leave.

Get Alerts When Updated Location Is Sent To Friends

Not only can the user get locations of their friends' updated locations, but they can also see when their location is sent to others. First, go back into the app. Next, select the profile picture and click 'Settings.' Next, scroll down to 'Notifications' and then 'Location and profile.' Next, select 'Google location sharing (you).' Users can choose to have notifications on, off or only in the app.

Users should note that they can only get notifications when someone has already shared their location with them. After that, the user will get a push notification from the Google Maps app and an email. They will also receive recurring monthly emails if the location sharing stays on long-term.  When a user wants to stop sharing their location, all they have to do is go back into the app and select ‘Location sharing,’ tap the user and select ‘Stop.’ In addition, they can also ‘Request’ that contact’s location that way too.