Google Chrome Will Soon Tell You When Your Password Is Weak

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager that stores login details and even suggest passwords, and now it will soon be able to tell users if their password is weak. Password strength is not an uncommon feature as several websites and some password managers are known to alert users when a password they are creating is too weak.

Weak passwords can be repeated passwords, common names, or popular words, making them easy to guess and leaving users susceptible to hacks. To mitigate this, many sites and apps require users to create passwords that are a combination of alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols. While they may be hard to remember for those who don't use password managers, they are much safer and harder to guess.


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New details found in Chromium OS code by About Chromebooks have revealed ChromeOS will be getting a password strength indicator that shows how strong a password is. Since this feature is coming to Chrome OS, it should be available to Chrome browser users regardless of the platform. While it is a surprise that Chrome has not always had this feature, its impending arrival is better late than never.

Might Take A While To Go Live

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It is unknown when the feature will be available. Currently, there is no flag to enable it on ChromeOS' Dev Channel. Even when it is eventually available on the Dev Channel, it might still take a while before it is released on the Beta channel and then the Stable channel. It is also not clear how Google will implement it. For example, some sites and apps will notify users about the strength of their passwords using color codes such as orange or red to denote a weak password, yellow for a password of medium strength, and green for strong passwords. Yet, others simply inform users via a banner or text under the password box.

While Google may be taking its time to add certain features to its password manager, one can't deny it hasn't gotten better over the years. Apart from suggesting passwords for users, in 2021, Google added a feature that informed users if their password(s) had been compromised. It also added support to add notes to saved passwords back in April 2022, but that feature is not yet widely available

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Source: About Chromebooks, Chromium

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