GTA 6 Story & Female Lead Reveals Promise A Unique Game

A new report has revealed fresh details about Grand Theft Auto 6 that should make the series' next entry truly unique - namely that it will have a playable female protagonist. The last game in the open-world crime franchise, 2013's Grand Theft Auto 5, built upon its predecessors by including a truly massive open world and three different playable protagonists. While details about the next installment are scarce, Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development. A recent report has now detailed the inclusion of a Miami-inspired setting and female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6, which should lead the franchise in a unique new direction.


Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto franchise kicked off back in 1997, and since then the open-world series has established a solid formula. Each title has put players in the shoes of a male criminal, including popular gaming icons like Carl "CJ" Johnson and Niko Bellic, to perform various story and side missions. Grand Theft Auto 5 lets players swap between three different characters, each with their own personalities and abilities, but the game is still dominated by male faces. The open-world action in the GTA franchise also traditionally takes place in fictional cities based on real-world locations, with Liberty City standing in for New York, and Vice City serving as a recreation of Miami.

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Shortly after GTA 5 launched rumors - convincing and otherwise - about GTA 6 have been spreading across the series' massive fanbase, though the game is yet to be officially unveiled by Rockstar. Many rumors suggest that the franchise's next title will take players back to Vice City, a Miami-inspired city first visited by fans in 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Even more ambitious claims, however, suggest that GTA 6 will span multiple different cities, states, and even countries, with players free to explore them at their will. Rumors about the game's protagonist, or multiple protagonists, have included a brother-sister duo, a protagonist working for the federal government, or even a cartel associate.

Grand Theft Auto 6's Female Protagonist Can Break New Ground

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Jason Schreier, a writer for Bloomberg and prominent gaming industry insider, recently reported that GTA 6 will star a female protagonist and take place in a fictional version of Miami. Schreier claims that the game will star a duo of criminals influenced by the notorious Bonnie and Clyde, with one half of this team being a Latina woman. This will mark the first playable female in the entire series, suggesting a significant change in Rockstar's portrayal of women, which has come in for criticism over the years. Schreier also says that GTA 6 will be more inclusive in general, with Rockstar being cautious not to make jokes at the expense of marginalized groups. While GTA 6 will surely let players wreak havoc across an open world, it seems the game's tone will be unique compared to prior entries.

While GTA 6 rumors in 2022 are a dime a dozen, Jason Schreier is a renowned industry insider. If his report is accurate, Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to deliver a truly unique experience by letting players control a Latina character as part of a dynamic duo of protagonists. The series' next entry is set to be significantly more inclusive than previous installments, proving that Rockstar is able to grow and change its beloved franchises for a modern audience.