GTA 6: Who Should Play The Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto 6 will introduce the franchise’s first female protagonist, according to rumors. This character is a Latina woman that's part of a duo inspired by classic movies like Bonnie and Clyde. However, while the role still has no association with any actresses, there are many that are fit to play her.

One of them is Stephanie Beatriz, an Argentinian actress best known for playing Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99. She’s cold, serious, and fierce, and the reason for many of the show's greatest moments. With the hard-willed determination that allows her to fulfill her job as a police officer being perfectly portrayed by the actress, Rosa becomes an extremely important character of the show, both for humor and story purposes. And Stephanie Beatriz’s ability to do this means that not only is she an incredibly talented artist, but she’s the perfect casting choice for GTA 6’s newly revealed female protagonist.


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Despite the irony of casting someone who has played a police officer as a criminal in Grand Theft Auto 6, Stephanie Beatriz has proved herself capable of filling the role with ease. Rosa Diaz’s entire character shows that she perfected the snark, charm, and ironic nature that’s essential to the dialog and scenes in the video game franchise, allowing herself to fit perfectly as a main character. Beatriz is also an extremely flexible actress regarding the roles she plays, managing to make each character, no matter how different, unique, and, with proper instructions and a good script, she would really innovate the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Stephanie Beatriz Should Play GTA 6’s Protagonist


Rosa Diaz’s main quirks are her snarky and ironic attitudes, as well as a tendency towards violence that is often analog to - but less extreme than that of - the Grand Theft Auto 5’s protagonists' own. These characters typically use brute force to get through the various obstacles that present themselves during their parts of the story. This makes up an essential part of the game's storytelling: the chaotic environment that allows for bad decisions that serve a comedic or critical purpose. Stephanie Beatriz certainly shows her ability to fit into this universe, given she not only managed to perfectly portray Rosa’s qualities, but also make them relatable and funny to a general audience. If the actress were to play a criminal mastermind in a universe that appreciates the characteristics that made Diaz stand out in the show, she would absolutely make the character unique, funny, and amusing to play as.

The actress is also very flexible with her roles and would certainly help make GTA 6’s story more entertaining than all the rumors about the game could have ever predicted. None of the characters she plays are quite the same, and, despite the constant challenge of completely changing scripts and visions, Beatriz always adds more personality to every single one of them. Even when playing Mirabel, from the movie Encanto - so distinct from Rosa Diaz - she allowed the character to become even more charming and sweet than the script might have initially allowed. If she played Grand Theft Auto 6's protagonist, Stephanie Beatriz would certainly contribute to the development of the character.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is an incredibly promising game, with leaked GTA 6 settings and story making players anxiously waiting to know even more. And, with the right actress, one that would make this new protagonist stand out even more from the others, the game could reach even greater popularity. Stephanie Beatriz certainly has the ability to do just that, and casting her in such an important role could allow for amusing scenes and overall entertaining outcomes.