Harley Quinn: 10 Things To Remember Before Season 3

Season 3 of Harley Quinn is finally on the way and audiences can finally see the aftermath of the heart-warming season 2 finale. Harley Quinn premiered a number of years ago now on the defunct streaming service DC Universe, which was meant to be the streaming home for all of DC's content before HBO Max came around.

Since the last episode of season 2 aired in June of 2020, it's probably not a stretch to assume audiences have forgotten about some of the important plot points in the series. However, given that many of them are likely going to play an instrumental part going into season 3, fans should certainly do another rewatch to see if the writers had dropped any hints as to what the future may hold for everyone's favorite characters going forward.


Harley Leaves Joker

Harley leaves Joker in the Harley Quinn Animated Series

The defining aspect of the show happens in the first episode. Harley and Joker are robbing some rich Gothamites when Batman shows up and takes Harley to Arkham. Everyone, including Riddler and Ivy, is trying to get Harley to understand that the Joker doesn't love her but she won't hear it. After a trap is laid for Harley and Batman, Joker chooses Batman and allows Harley to die. Luckily it was all a ruse, but Harley finally understands the truth.

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The relationship between Joker and Harley is one of the most iconic relationships in the DC Universe, but it's not a healthy one. Harley finally breaks away from Joker and decides to become her own villain. Every direction the show has taken has been because of this and that will probably continue into season 3.

Jim Gordon

Harley Quinn DC Universe Jim Gordon and Clayface's Hand

This isn't necessarily a moment, but it should be remembered. One of the most fun aspects of the series was how it interpreted Commission Gordon. Flashbacks in the series show how he used to be a clean-cut cop but over time Gotham City had gotten to him. The first time audiences see him, he's lost his edge and has a sloppy demeanor.

This portrayal will likely continue into the show for season 3 and beyond. Gordon's obsession with cleaning up Gotham and desire to be best friends with Batman is some evergreen comedy for the series. Maybe Gordon's weird relationship with Clayface's arm will also return.

Joker Kills Scarecrow

Scarecrows mask in acid in Harley Quinn The Animated Series

The death count of the series is surprisingly high for an animated show centered around iconic Batman characters - and one of the biggest shocks came during the season 1 finale. As Scarecrow and Joker were celebrating, Scarecrow decided to see who was under Batman's mask. To his shock, Joker didn't like knowing that Batman was Bruce Wayne and killed him.

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There are plenty of villains left for the show to use, but Scarecrow's death serves as a reminder that any of them can go at any time. What's more, is that Joker knows who Batman is. It's likely he'll never truly care but that plot thread could rear its ugly head at any point down the line.

Gotham In Chaos

Batman going to Joker Tower in Harley Quinn The Animated Series

By the end of season 1 of Harley Quinn, the Joker had taken over Gotham City. Luckily, Harley was able to defeat him but the city was left in chaos, which became the status quo for season 2. With Batman out of commission, the villains of Gotham were able to take over the city and section off areas for themselves.

Due to the events of season 2, the villains didn't remain in control of the city but Gotham was still worse off than ever. Going into season 3, Gotham will most likely be trying to rebuild the city, and Batman and Gordon will have their hands full with cleaning up the crime.

Batgirl's Origin

Harley Quinn Barbara Gordon Batgirl Unmasks

Barbara Gordon first showed up in Harley Quinn in the episode "Riddler U," where she was a student at Riddler University. Harley, Ivy, and Clayface (disguised as Steph the Co-Ed) go to the University to find out what Riddler is really doing there. Here, Barbara helps them take Riddler down and she gets inspired by them and Batman to become Batgirl.

Batgirl has been featured in the trailer for the upcoming season and was a prominent character in the comic book tie-in Harley Quinn: The Eat, Bang, Kill Tour. Because of this, the newest member of the Bat-family will likely have a large role in the show going forward.

Harley And The Parademans

Harley commanding an army of Parademons in Harley Quinn The Animated Series

Harley was upset that Ivy didn't love her and it set her down an obsessive path to becoming the best villain in Gotham. In order to do so, she makes a deal with Darkseid to conquer Earth. She returns to Earth with an army of Parademons and begins to destroy Gotham City but realizes that it wasn't what she truly wanted and sent the Parademons back.

Later, this event would cause Dr. Psycho to betray Harley and take control of the Parademon army himself. But Darkseid did not get the Earth or Harley's head as he wanted. Instead, he returned to Apokolips. Darkseid is often considered the most powerful villain in the DC Universe and therefore could return to the series to exact his revenge.

Joker and Bethany

Joker disappeared after he was defeated by Harley and Ivy after his tower collapsed on him. When he resurfaced, he was a normal bartender who had fallen in love with a woman named Bethany. She had a few kids that he had begun to think of as his own. However, since Harley needed his help again, she pushed him into a vat of acid and made him Joker again. Surprisingly, this didn't stop his feelings for Bethany and the two remained together.

Joker continues to be a big part of the show and will most likely make several appearances in this upcoming season. Even though Joker has found love, he could still make trouble for the people of Gotham City and if he does, the story potential for Bethany and his relationship could be interesting to see (although some fans on Reddit may disagree).

Kite Man Gets Left At The Altar

Kite Man and Poison Ivy at the wedding

Kite Man was one of the breakout hits of the series. He and Ivy had a serious relationship that lasted the length of the first two seasons. He eventually asked her to marry him, to which she said yes. But it wasn't meant to be. Harley crashed their wedding to save her from the cops, and Ivy finally professed her love for Harley (which Kite Man was left alone).

Even though Kite Man is getting a spin-off series, the new season will probably deal with the fallout of his fateful would-be wedding. There will probably be an episode or two that leads into his new Cheers-like spin-off series.

Poison Ivy Dies

Poison Ivy dies in Harley Quinn The Animated Series

Before the end of season 1, the show shocked its audience by killing Poison Ivy. Ivy had grown to the size of a giant to fight plant monsters and save Harley (and she succeeded). However, in a shocking twist, Joker launched a flagpole from his tower which skewered Poison Ivy and killed her. As she died, a bed of flowers grew from her body. It was a devastating scene but, luckily, by the end of the 12th episode, she had risen from the dead and saved Harley.

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Death is not something that has stuck with Ivy since it has been implied that it's happened multiple times, but it could be an avenue to explore as the two women embark on their new relationship. Even if it's never addressed again, it needs to be something audiences remember because this show often goes to unexpected places.

Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn Romance

DC Universe Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Kiss

It wasn't clear at first what the depths of Harley and Ivy's feelings were. But in the episode "There's No Place to Go But Down," Harley and Ivy escape from Bane's prison and share a long-awaited kiss. It didn't stop there either; the show would go on to dive into the two's feelings for each other, especially during Ivy's bachelorette party.

While the show wasn't defined by this relationship at first, the audiences coming to the next season are eager to see where this relationship will go next. Comic book fans have wanted this for a very long time so the show is a welcome surprise. Audiences will surely remember the two of them driving into the sunset but it's important to remember the road that led to this going into the next season.

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