Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Slytherins

Harry Potter's birthday has not long passed and it's hard to believe it's been 25 years since the boy who lived received his first cake from Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Since that extraordinary moment, Harry's life would change forever and he would attend Hogwarts to become one of the most legendary wizards in the history of magic.

In that first year of school, the Sorting Hat had contemplated placing Potter in Slytherin, and if it wasn't for Potter's specific request to not be placed in that House, he would probably have worn green robes until graduation. Slytherins are known for being ambitious, cunning, and strong leaders, but there are other factors that define them that can be perfectly summed up with hilarious memes.


Their Common Room Is In The Dungeon

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Slytherin's common room was in Hogwart's dungeon, which was very befitting of their dark and sinister personalities. The place is illuminated by green lights and it's furnished with fancy items that provide a really dramatic and serious tone.

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When a troll made its way into Hogwarts and Professor Quirrel ran to the Great Hall to warn everybody, Dumbledore asked the House Prefects to take the students to their dormitories, although Slytherin's common room was exactly where the troll was last seen. Dumbledore always did things that could be interpreted as hatred towards Slytherin, but that time he went a bit over the line.

Their Efforts Are Not Appreciated

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After so many times Slytherins were unfairly misjudged or ripped off their merit, one of their quotes that could perfectly sum up their personality should be "beg your pardon?". Harry Potter's popularity and the professors' favoritism, especially Dumbledore's, triggered an unjust distribution of points that fans love to laugh about.

And while people were happy Malfoy lost, many forgot that there are many other Slytherins that were not as despicable as Draco and that actually deserved to win the House Cup for their efforts as resourceful and dedicated students.

Not Trustworthy

Many members of House Slytherin are not trustworthy, which led McGonagall to send the Slytherin students to the dungeons in the Battle of Hogwarts, in the movie at least. However, in the books, although many Slytherins leave Hogwarts or side with Death Eaters, others stay and help defend the castle.

Compared to how many students from other Hogwart Houses stayed to fight against Lord Voldemort and his allies, Slytherins didn't look good and definitely proved why most people didn't have faith in them. Nonetheless, there were students that showed how despite being as potentially untrustworthy as a snake, they could be trusted.

Some Professors Seem To Hate Them

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Dumbledore did not hate Slytherins, after all, he befriended some of his most outstanding members, and trusted Snape with his life. However, he didn't seem as fond of them as he was of Gryffindor, or better said, of Harry. Before Potter arrived, Slytherin had won the House Cup for years, but according to some unpopular opinions about Hogwarts, favoritism can go a long way in the school.

Dumbledore was not the only professor that was happy to take the House Cup of Slytherins that year, as McGonagall also rejoiced in Gryffindor's victory. Dumbledore may have shown some special treatment to Harry because he knew all along he had to die, but McGonagall seemed to do things out of pure hatred for Salazar's House.

They Would Kill For Their Friends

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Some Slytherins like Voldemort are incapable of feeling love, but there are others who can be extremely loyal and protective of their loved ones. Slytherins can be quite the extremists when it comes to loving, and while some can be as apathetic as Tom, there are more examples of members who loved someone deeply, just like Snape and Bellatrix.

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Although love can be expressed in much better ways, Slytherins can go as far as killing someone else in the name of their friends, family, or beloved. Goyle and Crabbe were willing to kill Potter, Granger, and Weasley because they cared for Malfoy and Bellatrix killed countless people for Voldemort. However, Slytherins also go as far as saving someone's life for their loved ones, just like Narcissa saved Harry for Draco, and Snape did the same for Lily.

Almost Nobody Wants To Be One

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Given their bad reputation, almost nobody wants to be placed in Slytherin, although the ones who do are usually proud of it. The House definitely has some questionable foundations and has raised the worst villains with the most disturbing fan theories in Harry Potter, but their members are not always that terrible.

Despite their fame, there are some outstanding members that suffer from judgmental wizards and fans who point out how horrible the House is. Therefore, many feel offended when somebody says they belong to Slytherin, but others, recognizing the positive and negative traits, can feel offended and also agree with the observation, just like the meme.


Sometimes they are problematic on purpose and sometimes by accident. Voldemort caused trouble because he intended to, but Horace Slughorn shared information about the Horcruxes with Tom Riddle by accident and made him all more powerful. Both situations had to be addressed by Gryffindor's most popular students, of course.

Slytherin and Gryffindor House's rivalry constantly puts them in situations where the second one is cleaning up the mess the first one did, however, if it wasn't for this tradition of hating and fighting each other, fans would not have had that many books to read or movies to watch.

Outstanding Members

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Salazar Slytherin was infamous for trying to rule out muggle-borns and half-bloods from Hogwarts' teachings and promoting a supremacist ideal where pure-bloods were the only wizards in the world. Consequently, the house is infamous amongst wizards and it is understandable Harry's son wouldn't want to join it.

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However, there are plenty of outstanding members of the house, including professor Snape, which Albus Severus is named after. In this scene of the movie, Harry reminds his son of Slytherin's extraordinary half-blood prince and encourages him to not be scared, but it would have been hilarious if Harry would have had the reaction depicted in the meme.

They Got Style

Slytherins can be considered Harry Potter's meanest characters, however, no one can deny that they have style and an acute awareness of fashion. Most of all, they nail hairstyles and can be often found showing off their neat hairdo.

Narcissa had a notable bicolor hairstyle, Lucius had beautiful long hair worthy of a shampoo commercial, Draco had a flawless combed-back haircut, and Tom Riddle had those curly bangs perfectioned with hair gel. If Hogwarts gave out points based on hairstyles and fashion sense, Slytherin would win every year.

Not All Of Them Are Bad

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The Sorting Hat is not that rigid when placing new students into their Houses, therefore, although there are important traits that define each House, not all students show their most known characteristics. There are cowardly Gryffindors like Pettigrew, brave Hufflepuff's like Tonks, dumb Ravenclaws like Lockhart, and kind Slytherins like Slughorn.

Slytherins are famous for being unkind or apathetic, however, those are not their defining traits. What defines Slytherins is that they are cunning, resourceful, ambitious, and great leaders. Those characteristics can lead to some questionable behaviors, but also extraordinary personalities.

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