Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Sum Up Ron As A Character

Rupert Grint is thriving in his newest role in Severance, but the actor will always be known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. Loyal friend and comedic relief, Ron was an irreplaceable third of the Golden Trio. For better or for worse, book-Ron and movie-Ron displayed some differences in character.

Ron's unique character has spawned countless memes on the internet, all of which relate to his distinctive traits and personality, both on the page and the screen. These are the best that depict the chess master's life and times on Potter.

Book Vs. Movie Ron

Ron in the movies was a different wizard from Ron in the books. This transformation is natural when a book is adapted for the screen, but movie Ron was nowhere near as loyal as his counterpart in the novels. His first priority was always Harry and Hermione, and he would lay his life on the line for them.


Funnily enough, Ron was always eating in the movies, which was always pointed out by an exasperated Hermione in the Great Hall. It just seemed sad that so many fantastic qualities of the character were dismissed and replaced with him being a foodie.

Hermione's Future Husband

Their first brush on the Hogwarts Express was not the most impressive, but little did Hermione and Ron know that they were actually soulmates. The young witch was unimpressed by Ron's feeble attempts at magic, and wouldn't have thought that she would spend her life with him.

Ron proved that the first impression needn't always be the last impression, and managed to get the girl in the end (against all odds.) It's quite amusing to think how this first interaction would have gone if both Ron and Hermione had an inkling.

Molly Weasley With Harry Vs. Ron

Warmth and kindness are words associated with Molly Weasley, but her parental abilities could be a bit questionable sometimes. As a mother of seven, it was clear that she was quite flustered as a mother, but her treatment of Harry was very different from her treatment of her youngest son.

Poor Ron had to watch his own mother fawn over his best friend, just like others did, while he got less than satisfactory affection or even consideration from her. Harry was a star in the Weasley household too, which could be a bit agitating for poor Ronald.

A Flying Car

Nothing describes Ron better than this meme, which incorporates his trademark flying car, and a superhero who emulates the creature he is most afraid of: spiders. Ron's brilliant idea of floating across the country in an enchanted car almost ripped the Statute of Secrecy to shreds due to being spotted in the air by muggles.

The younger Weasley definitely knew how to make an entrance to Hogwarts, and his shenanigans paid off later since the Ford Anglia saved them on multiple occasions later.

Ron And Homework

Ron got lucky that his closest friend was smarter than all their peers. Hermione was the push that he needed to actually do his homework, which consisted of large and complex essays that Ron had no idea how to even begin.

School work was never at the top of his priorities, and he liked to mess around with Harry and the other Gryffindors most times. The only way he actually passed through Hogwarts was because Hermione wrote the introductions to his essays, or forced him to go to a library and crack open a book.

The Catchphrase

Another comparison that fans draw between Ron in the books and in the movies is his trademark catchphrase "bloody hell," which was mainly heard in the movies. It was added for comedic purposes, and while it worked sometimes, other times it felt a bit forced.

The characters written by J.K. Rowling were quite hilarious in the novels, and instead of incorporating the snappy dialogue that Ron, Harry and Hermione said there, this somehow became the only phrase that Ronald Weasley ever uttered, whether he was horrified, scared, sad, or surprised.

Ron The Grand Master

One of Ron's most laudable abilities was his fine game of chess and, more specifically, wizarding chess, which was slightly different and more violent than the regular type. In fact, this was the one thing he could do better than anyone else, and his prowess was visible in Sorcerer's Stone.

This was an intellectual activity that even Hermione couldn't beat him at, and fans wish they could have seen more of it in the movies. It was obviously a passion for him, and Ron could have gone to various tournaments and beat his competition easily.

Ron And Scabbers

The biggest shock of Ron's life was when he discovered that his beloved pet, Scabbers, was actually an Animagus. Not only was he a human being, but also one who was responsible for the deaths of Harry's parents. He had spent a whole summer protecting the sly rat from Crookshanks' teeth, and it was all for naught.

Sadly, Crookshanks wasn't even responsible for Pettigrew's disappearances (he clearly fled once in a while to become human again) but it led to some serious tension between Hermione and Ron.

Ron "On" Felix Felicis

Quite unexpectedly (and with some wand work from Hermione), Ronald Weasley had ended up on the Quidditch team. Even then, his lack of confidence threatened to ruin his game, despite having the skills that a Keeper required during the match.

Harry's sleight of hand helped Ron get through the match and even become the equivalent of the most valuable player. Harry had only pretended to slip it into Ron's juice, despite Hermione's protests, and that was the positive mindset and boost that Ron needed to perform during the game.

Bad Luck Weasley

It's no secret that many felt that Hermione was out of Ron's league and it gave hope to underdogs everywhere, but since then, J.K. Rowling has spoken about how she regrets pairing the two of them together. Rowling has stated that Harry and Hermione were meant to be, and Ron and Hermione was a mistake.

Even though the canonical pairing of Ron and Hermione can never be changed or reversed, once the author says it should have been otherwise, fans will always side with the creator's last word.

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