Hawkman & Hawkgirl's Lore Nerfs Their Powers In DC Comics

Contains spoilers for Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Lantern #1

One would think the ancient duo of Hawkgirl and Hawkman would be made stronger by their immortality, but a recent comic may just prove other. In a tie-in to DC's Dark Crisis event, a world showing one of Hawkgirl's greatest desires actually shows that she and her partner would likely be even bigger threats if they didn't know they'd be resurrected after death.

In a prelude to Dark Crisis, the villainous Pariah caused the death of the Justice League by using his Dark Army to take out most of the League's members. Dark Crisis #3 revealed that rather than simply killing the Justice League, Pariah actually trapped the essence of each member on a custom-made world as a way to fuel the plan he and the Great Darkness have in store for the DC Multiverse. Pariah dedicated each individual world to a particular member of the League, suiting it to the greatest hopes and desires of the heroes stranded in their personal realities. Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Lantern #1 contains a backup story dedicated to Hawkgirl, also known as Kendra Saunders. Having grown tired of living endless lives without respite, Hawkgirl endeavors to find the Vase of Mortality, a mystical relic which should ensure this life would be her last. Saunders eventually finds the Vase and cures herself of the dark curse of the Hawks' reincarnation before immediately getting attacked by skeletal guardians of the artifact, threatening her last life would end sooner than she intended.


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Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Hawkgirl is written by Jeremy Adams with art by Jack Herbert. Though Hawkgirl initially fears the skeletal attack will be the end of her lives, she quickly rallies by discovering the thrill of mortality, thinking, "No more coming back. This is how I die? So why do I feel so alive?" As Saunders handily defeats her three foes, she attacks with such strength and vigor that it begs the question: Are Hawkgirl and Hawkman better off losing their immortality?

Hawkgirl in Dark Crisis- Worlds Without a Justice League

This story certainly makes the case for it. Worlds Without a Justice League: Hawkgirl largely focuses on Kendra's feelings of exhaustion as an immortal, knowing there's no true risk in death when you can come back with your memories intact in the next life. As soon as she loses said immortality, she's a changed woman. Not only does Saunders show the exceptional fighting abilities the Hawks are known for, she does so with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose, thinking, "This is what it feels like to know the future is your own. Not one that is handed to you, but one that you fight for. That's true living." With more skin in the game on top of the abilities they already possess, it's possible both Hawkgirl and Hawkman could go from being premiere Justice League members to some of the best fighters in the whole DC Universe.

By showing readers her greatest desire, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Hawkgirl provides great insight into what makes this extraordinary warrior feel alive. It's a morbidly beautiful story that ruminates on the curse of mortality and what it truly means to be alive, adding even more texture to the life of a classic DC hero. Unburdened from the curse that is immortality, Hawkgirl and Hawkman are no longer held back by the safety net of knowing tomorrow is guaranteed, allowing them to use their abilities to the fullest and become that much more of a massive threat.

Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Lantern #1 is available now from DC Comics.