Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Potentially Spoiled By Art Book

The release date of Hogwarts Legacy may have been outed by its artbook companion. Harry Potter fans have anticipated the ambitious RPG since it leaked in 2018, and the scope of the project has proven to be quite the undertaking for developer Avalanche Software. With such an immense title to refine, it’s not surprising that the game has already seen a significant delay to Holiday 2022, with fans anticipating future delays of Hogwarts Legacy's release date to 2023.

Avalanche Software certainly has its work cut out for it with Hogwarts Legacy. With the game promising players a fully immersive Hogwarts experience ranging from house selection to multiple iconic school subjects and morality systems, creating and refining such an experience has been no easy task. The game will also allow players to explore areas beyond the grounds of Hogwarts, like Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village. When combined with an in-depth story and a fast-paced spell combat system, Hogwarts Legacy could become one of the most prominent Harry Potter video games to date.


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As reported by PCGamesN, the UK Amazon website recently listed a Hogwarts Legacy art book that may indicate when the upcoming Harry Potter RPG might see release. The art book currently lists a shipping date of December 6, 2022, indicating that the game could also release around that time. As publisher WB Games confirmed that it had delayed the release date of Hogwarts Legacy until Holiday 2022, this new listing is consistent with that new launch window. While the date matches Hogwarts' projected release, it should be noted many online retailers often use placeholder dates for products without official release schedules. They also don’t account for unforseen development complications. Until an official announcement from either WB or Avalanche is given, fans would do well to temper expectations.

Amazon UK Leaks a Possible Release Date for Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play Release Date Confirmed

With the delay rumors spreading amidst mounting fan expectations, Avalanche has a lot to live up to. However, one advantage of its development has been the decision to set Hogwarts Legacy in the 1800s. This design choice has given Avalanche the ability to operate with a bit more freedom to experiment outside the official Harry Potter canon. While hardcore Potter fans may be disappointed with some aspects, such as particular canon Harry Potter spells, absent from Hogwarts Legacy due to the game's setting, it also makes for a fresh experience for long-time fans.

Hogwarts Legacy meeting its planned 2022 release would no doubt be a relief for many fans anxious to play it. However, given the sheer size of the title and the amount of mechanics to polish, it may not be all that surprising to see a further delay. With a new setting and characters, Hogwarts Legacy could give long-time fans one of the most immersive experiences in the Potterverse if given the proper development time. And for even the most restless fans, that is an experience worth waiting for.