How 90 Day Fiancé's Patrick's Family Continuously Crosses Boundaries

The 90 Day Fiancé star Patrick Mendes brought Thaís Ramone to Massachusetts so she could meet his family, and fans can’t help but notice his family members' inability to respect boundaries. Patrick and Thaís first met when he was traveling to reconnect with his father in Brazil. They got to know each other on a dating app, and quickly fell in love. Unable to stay away from his new love, Patrick arranged several trips for the duo, which would help them to bond. On a getaway to Mexico, he proposed, and they planned to apply for the K-1 visa. Unfortunately, their relationship hasn’t been on solid ground since her arrival in America.


Patrick shares his home with his brother, John Mendes, and Thaís was less than thrilled about that. 90 Day Fiance's John has a strong personality, and isn't afraid to speak up for himself, even if that means irritating the lovebirds to the point of separation. After dealing with John’s frequent drinking, throwing surprise parties filled with stunning women, and constantly questioning the duo’s relationship, Thaís was wary of his intentions. Now, Thaís has the added pressure of her father’s disapproval over their wedding, and she’s left to make a decision. The depressing realization that Thaís might call off the wedding seemed to prompt Patrick into making a grander gesture, which included taking her to meet his mother and sister for the first time.

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Initially, the meeting was going smoothly, until 90 Day Fiancé's Patrick revealed the truth about Thaís’ hesitancy. This prompted his sister Tiffany to fire off questions about Thaís’ failing to tell her father about their marriage (and her intentions with Patrick for the future) when they were wedding dress shopping. After they finished, they went to a family dinner, where the meal quickly spiraled into more jabs towards Thaís. Once his mother Paula realized the severity of the situation, she made sure that the family was aware that her “grandchild will be raised in America,” and would follow Thaís if she had to.

Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone from 90 Day Fiance

Unfortunately, that produced another line of questioning from Tiffany, and Thaís was visibly distraught. Luckily, the couple made it out unscathed, but once again, Thaís was being picked on and interrogated by 90 Day Fiance's Patrick’s family. However, he’s reluctant to stick up for her. It appeared that John, Tiffany, and Paula all had issues with their relationship. In light of that problem and others, Thaís wasn’t sure they were ready for marriage. The last 90 days were slowly revealing all the red flags. However, she still had hope that their relationship would survive, so she tried one last time to make her needs clear.

At dinner one night, she declared that John would have to move out after they get married. However, once again, Patrick was reluctant to respect Thaís’ needs. It’s clear that Thaís is uncomfortable with the situation, and although the brothers have an obviously strong connection, choosing the brother doesn’t seem like the best decision. In the end, there are rumors that 90 Day Fiance's Patrick and Thaís tied the knot, and with the upcoming previews revealing Thaís’ father’s continued reluctance towards their wedding, viewers are curious to see how the duo fare in future 90 Day Fiancé episodes.