How Nvidia & Google Are Helping Developers Utilize AI Faster

Nvidia and Google Cloud are utilizing their respective technologies in order to bridge the gap between the tools of data science and the power of the cloud with one click. This partnership aims to ensure the efficiency of deploying the next generation of artificial intelligence, with Nvidia and Google Cloud looking to create a one-stop shop for AI software. The platform would allow AI practitioners to have all the features at their fingertips to get started, from frameworks to models with enhanced security scan reports.


AI development has been at the forefront of the computer science industry with Nvidia and Google Cloud becoming the industry standard for compute engine instances. The partnership focuses on an application that most data scientists work through, Jupyter Notebook. An open source development tool that runs code, displays text notes, and shows visualizations for the data scientists.

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Nvidia and Google Cloud technology will deliver accelerator-optimized solutions that will address even the most demanding workloads across AI. Computer Vision is one of those to be addressed, and pre-trained AI models will be used to accelerate the AI training process with reduced costs that are often associated with large scale data collection. These models will bolster the detection of human actions, gestures and more. Another key aspect of the workflow is their improvements in Automatic Speech Recognition, allowing for an end-to-end training for text-to-speech outputs. The goal here is to allow models to generate a good quality human voice from text inputs. The simplicity of deployment for these features provided by Nvidia and Google Cloud, is simply to click the “deploy” button on the top of the NGC notebook.

A Partnership That Benefits Developers

AI creation can't be protected with copyright

A partnership of this magnitude will allow developers of all sizes to utilize the technology of both Nvidia and Google Cloud. In a recent Google Cloud post, Kaiwen Yuan, Director of ML/Head of Perceptions & Predictions at Serve Robotics stated the "NGC catalog allows our ML research engineers to launch environments for experiments on Vertex AI with a single click. This saves us the efforts on ML infra setup and lets researchers focus on the ML problem in the computer vision and robotics space more efficiently”. Access to this platform with all the tools included is the first of its scale and reputability.

The real winner from this partnership is the developers around the world who will be granted access to the top technology available for the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence. The future is here, and now with exciting and new ideas being able to be brought forth from many who did not have the ease of access to an AI ecosystem prior to the Nvidia and Google Cloud partnership.