How To Add The Snapchat Widget To Your iPhone Lock Screen

Snapchat's fall update provided valuable features, such as lock screen widgets for iPhone owners. This update ensures Snapchat is a tap away. But no one is complaining. Any functionality that bypasses all the swiping is an instant win.

iOS 16 has only been out for six days, but developers are quick to adapt to the newest iPhone operating system. With the latest update, the iPhone lock screen offers a variety of configuration choices with the addition of lock screen widgets. Apple brought its own native widgets to the update but allowed plenty of room for third parties to create their own. Wasting no time, Snapchat, among other top social networking platforms, rolled out its widget contributions.


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Adding the Snapchat widget is simple. Start at the lock screen and hold the screen down. The display will present all the phone's different focuses. Below the menu, tap the 'customize' button. Now, the screen will show three customizable dashboards. Tap on the box below the clock to open the widget menu. The phone will automatically suggest a selection of widgets at the top. Find the desired Snapchat widget and select to add it to the lock screen display. Alternatively, while in the Snapchat menu, scroll through the apps and find Snapchat to provide all the different widget options for the platform. Going this route also allows users to customize the size of the widget.

Snapchat Widget Choices

Snap Chat widget options

Currently, Snapchat offers two widgets for the dash. The first is a shortcut to the app's camera. This widget is great for loyal users who capture snaps frequently throughout the day. The second option is a pinned friend or group. Snapchat will display any BFFs or favorite group chats that the user can pin to their lock screen. That way, the user's favorite social platform is quickly available.

There is also a third Snapchat widget, but it's not located on the main dash. Tap the box above the clock will reveal another set of widget options. In this case, to fit the smaller area at the top of the lock screen. Scroll down to find Snapchat to add a birthday widget to the display. Never miss a birthday snap to any friends ever again.

Adding any of these widgets will certainly add convenience and pizazz to users' lock screens. In addition, the rest of the widget dash on the iOS 16 can be customized by size and color, providing a fully personalized touch. It's great having so many options. After adding Snapchat's lock screen widget, be sure to head into the app to check out the additional features with the latest update.

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