How To Beat Executioner in Outriders Worldslayer (Boss Fight)

The Executioner is a mini-boss in the Insurgent Fortress, one of the new explorable zones in Outriders Worldslayer. With the new Worldslayer expansion, players have even more access to the locations, story, and lore of the planet Enoch. The expansion content is available to players after beating the base game. Players will also encounter new bosses like the Executioner, more loot chests, new challenging dungeons, the PAX points system, and higher chances of gaining Outrider's Ascension XP.

The Insurgent Fortress is one of the earlier locations in the Worldslayer expansion. Players are trying to find a way into the Insurgent Fortress to eventually get to the Black Gulch, and companion Tiago walks players through the experience. As players work their way through the area, walking through the sewers and climbing up a pit of bodies, they will eventually encounter the Executioner near a giant guillotine.


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The Executioner is a melee mini-boss that attacks the player with his massive axe. The Executioner can jump at players with an AoE attack, swing his axe for melee assaults, and create a shield around him to prevent gunfire damage. While the Executioner boss fight in Outriders Worldslayer looks tough, he is not much more difficult than the average enemy. With the right strategy, the Executioner shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

How to Beat the Executioner In Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer Executioner Boss Insurgent Fortress Driftwater Black Gulch

Since the Executioner in Outriders Worldslayer is a melee boss, players should equip a primary or secondary weapon that uses life-leech. In addition to fighting the Executioner, players will need to fend off insurgents. As players dodge and dive around the battlefield, they will likely be hit by smaller enemies, so life-leech will be helpful in keeping health up.

Players will encounter multiple Executioners after the initial cutscene and fight against the one at the beginning of the Insurgent Fortress in Outriders Worldslayer. If players aren't careful, they can be killed in one hit with the Executioner's massive axe swing. Additionally, they have the power to stun players, which can be deadly when paired with swarming insurgents. The best strategy for killing the Executioner is to target their heads using buffed-damage bullets and be constantly moving. Use the dodge roll to help avoid his leaps, which is done by double-tapping WASD depending on the desired direction. After successfully avoiding the Executioner's stun and AoE attacks, target the head to knock him out. Once defeated, players will continue on their journey to find Commander Ereshkigal and stop the Anomaly from becoming more unstable. After completing the 3-4 hour expansion story, there is plenty for players to do as endgame content for Outriders Worldslayer.