How to Fix The Flashing Screen Glitch in Warzone

A glitch that causes the screen to flash or flicker is affecting Call of Duty: Warzone players, but there's a fairly simple and straightforward way to fix it. The glitch can occur during a match and makes most of the screen turn white while the outer edges are partially visible. It essentially looks as though a flash bang was thrown and the effect won't go away. The flashing screen error makes it impossible to keep playing, so it will need to be fixed manually until a permanent solution is implemented.

New glitches or errors pop up periodically for games that are constantly being updated. For example, players recently had to deal with a 'Friends List Not Showing' glitch in Warzone, which prevented friends from being invited to the game. This error made it difficult to connect with friends, but players could still get into matches. Unfortunately, some errors, like the flashing screen glitch, can affect the game so severely that it becomes impossible to play until it's fixed.


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Errors can sometimes be fixed manually by trying things like restarting or reinstalling the game. Many times, players are stuck waiting for the developers to implement a permanent fix that eliminates any errors occurring. However, there are also times when there are ways to fix the errors manually. Although the flashing screen glitch in Warzone can be frustrating, there is a fairly quick and easy solution for players to try that involves changing weapons.

Every Possible Fix For The Flashing Screen Glitch In Warzone

How to Fix The Flashing Screen Glitch in Warzone Edit Loadout

If the flashing screen error occurs, players can simply switch weapons while on the create a class screen. After choosing a loadout to edit, players can switch their primary weapon to a different gun. This fix has reportedly been effective in eliminating the flashing screen error in Warzone. The easiest way to fix the flashing screen error is to use the weapon switch method on the class creation screen. However, if the weapon swap solution doesn't work, players can also check to see if there are any game updates or try to restart it.

The game application should be closed completely, then players can reload Warzone and check to see if the flashing screen glitch has been fixed. The console or PC that the game is running on can be restarted to try to fix the error that's causing the screen to flash. In the general settings, players can also try to change their mini-map shape. If nothing else works, players can try to uninstall and reinstall the game, but the weapon swap fix seems to be an easy and reliable solution for the flashing screen error in Call of Duty: Warzone.