How to Get Basarious Pectus+ in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The release of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion provides players with plenty of new challenges and the opportunity to gather Master Rank materials, such as the Basarious Pectus+, which will allow them to craft and improve powerful new items. Monster Hunter Rise was initially released for the Nintendo Switch as the sixth installment of the long-standing action roleplaying game series before being ported to PC. The release of the recent Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion introduced Master Rank, a new type of hunting mission that will provide players with a challenging but rewarding experience.


Monster Hunter Rise originally gave players the choice between Low and High-Rank hunting missions, which impacted the difficulty of the encounters and the rarity type of the rewards. With the release of Sunbreak, players now also have the option to go on even more challenging missions by accepting Master Rank quests. These unlock the opportunity to gather Master Rank materials but also increases the difficulty considerably by introducing new monsters and modifying old ones.

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As the name might indicate, the Monster Hunter game series revolves around hunting monsters but this process is not quite as simple as it may appear. Before fighting it, players will need to track and study the beast to make the fight much easier, as they can identify its weaknesses and habits. Yet, the most valuable part of the process is to figure out how to get the desired parts from the monster, as players will need to target specific body parts to increase the chance of obtaining certain materials.

How To Break Besarious’s Chest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion Besarious Pectus+ Rarity Material Crafting

Players have a chance of obtaining the Besarious Pectus+ material, by accepting the Master Rank Besarious Hunt quest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and either carving the creature after killing it or attempting to break its chest. Breaking the Besariou’s chest is the most effective way to obtain this material as it increases the drop rate to about 50% instead of 20%, which is the chance of getting it by carving it normally.

The Basarious is a flying wyvern class enemy and a fire elemental monster that can inflict Fireblight, Poison, and Sleep. It has no particular resistances, so most types of damage should work well, and it is particularly weak against the Dragon Element. To break its chest, players have to continually target it, especially when it is glowing red, as it becomes more vulnerable to damage. To break off enemy parts, such as the Basarious' Chest, bombs and charged attacks in Monster Hunter Rise are generally the most effective.