How To Get Iridescent Bismuth Prism In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Iridescent Bismuth Prisms is Master Rank Account Item in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that Hunters must collect to complete specific late-game side quests or farm Kamura Points. Like other Account Items in the locales of the world, Iridescent Bismuth Prisms are acquired from Unique Gathering Points. For the prisms, the Unique Gathering Points are Iridescent Ore nodes, metallic clusters of rainbow-colored geometrically symmetric Mineral Outcrops found in fixed locations throughout various zones in MHR: Sunbreak. An optimal way to farm Mining Outcrops for Iridescent Bismuth Prisms would be to embark on a Master Rank Expedition for quick locale access without mission objectives.


Hunters can get Iridescent Bismuth Prisms by harvesting the Unique Gathering Points of the Lava Caverns, a volcanic locale featuring areas with molten magma and cool underground springs. Accordingly, this locale contains multiple mineral nodes where players can collect Iridescent Bismuth Prisms. Unlike the Ore drop rate from Mining Outcrops, it is relatively likely that Hunters will acquire the prisms from the locale's Unique Gathering Points.

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Stamina management is important when embarking on mining expeditions for Iridescent Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. While it might not affect the outcome of the gathering haul, having sufficient Stamina to quickly scale walls and climb cliffs is vital for farming speed and efficiency in Sunbreak. Therefore, having the maximum amount of Stamina available can be very helpful when searching for Unique Gathering Points containing Iridescent Bismuth Prisms. Ordering Dango Wall Runner or Dango Glutton at the Canteen before departure can enhance Stamina cost reduction. Furthermore, eating a Well-done Steak or Rations will fully replenish one's missing Stamina upon entering an instanced location in Monster Hunter Rise.

Farming Iridescent Bismuth Prism In MHR: Sunbreak

Farming Locations For Iridescent Bismuth Prism In MHR

Here is a list of Unique Gathering Point locations for farming Iridescent Bismuth Prisms in the Lava Caverns of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

  • Between Areas 2 and 9: After leaving the main camp, ascend the ridge ahead onto the gray zone between Areas 2 and 9. Continue onward until reaching the collapsed bridge parallel to Area 3. Look down below the bridge's gap to see the first Iridescent Bismuth Prism mineral node in Sunbreak.
  • Area 6: Follow the elevated rocky area to the northeasternmost corner of Area 6 to find a prism node near the wall.
  • Area 10: Search the upper alcove north of the Great Wirebug in Area 10 to find another node.
  • Area 13: Drop down on the west side of the main path in Area 13 to find an Iridescent Bismuth Prism node near flowing lava.
  • Between Areas 6 and 8: Climb up onto the ridge between Areas 6 and 8. Look for a tall pillar in the northwest and ascend to the top to find the fifth Unique Gathering Point.