How To Get Lightning Sac In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Lightning Sac is a Rarity-8 Monster Material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and is used to forge and upgrade a variety of Master Rank weapons and armor. Specifically, this Monster Material is required for crafting gear pieces from the Zinogre Set X, Tobi-Kadachi X Set, Astalos Set, Knight Squire Set, and Khezu X Set. Additionally, Hunters need Lightning Sacs for upgrading specific weapons in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including the Painful Razor+, Shockspear+, Khezu Skards+, Thunderblades, Guillotines+, Khezu Flute+, Khezu Shock Blade+, and Secta Du Yellow.

As the name of some of the Lightning Sac suggests, it is a Monster Material acquired from Thunder-type Wyverns, specifically the Khezu and Tobi-Kadachi. The Khezu is a pale, amphibian-like Flying Wyvern with a rubbery and fatty hide. More notably, this Wyvern has no eyes and uses its superb sense of smell to track down its prey. On the other hand, the Tobi-Kadachi is a Fanged Wyvern with extreme agility and an inclination for aerial attacks. Similar to a flying squirrel, this monster has a membrane between its limbs that allow it to glide towards its target in combat.


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The best way to get a Lightning Sac in Monster Hunter Rise is slaying or capturing a Khezu for a 21% chance of receiving the Monster Material as a Target Reward in Sunbreak. The second-best method is the 20% chance that carving a slain Khezu will yield a Lightning Sac. Conversely, hunting a Tobi-Kadachi only has a 14% chance of receiving the Monster Material as a Target Reward in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Farming Lightning Sac In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Farming Lightning Sac In MHR Sunbreak

Khezu is weak to Fire-type attacks and susceptible to Poison, Fireblight, and Blast. This Flying Wyvern roars more often than other monsters, interrupting Hunters' weapon combos and Silkbind attacks. Accordingly, equipping a Decoration or armor piece with the Earplugs Skill will help mitigate the Wyvern's howl. As mentioned above, Khezu is blind and can, therefore, not be affected by Flashbugs.

As for Tobi-Kadachi, this Fanged Wyvern is Water, Fire, and Ice, with Water being the most effective in combat. Tobi-Kadachi is also susceptible to Poison, Waterblight, and Blast attacks in Sunbreak. Additionally, this monster can will often attempt to inflict Hunters with Thunderblight during its Charged State, causing players to become more vulnerable to being stunned. Thus, Hunters are encouraged to bring or find Nulberries to negate this deadly status. Additionally, whenever Tobi-Kadachi hangs off of a tree to prime a gliding strike, using Flashbugs is highly effective and causes the monster to tumble down to the ground.