How to Get Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are a few ways players can try to obtain Mystic Hardfangs by fighting a Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but the chances of getting the resource to drop vary depending on how the fight is approached. Mystic Hardfangs are a crafting material that can be used for multiple weapons, buddy armor, weapon upgrades, and decorations. The only way to start collecting Mystic Hardfangs is to fight Khezu monsters at Master Rank.

The various new armor sets and weapons available to craft require a variety of materials that players can find while hunting monsters. Farming for resources can be a bit daunting, especially with additional materials from new monsters being added in, like the Timeworn Crimson Horn in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, there are a few things players can do while fighting a Khezu to get multiple opportunities per fight for Mystic Hardfangs to drop.


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Killing the Khezu will give players a 29% chance of getting Mystic Hardfangs, but capturing it has a 33% chance to drop this useful resource. In this instance, it's slightly better to capture the Khezu, but the chance of getting Mystic Hardfangs from capture is similar to close enough to just slaying it, so it depends on player preference. Additionally, there's a 52% chance of receiving Mystic Fangs for breaking the Khezu's head, a 24% chance for carving its body, and a 27% chance that Mystic Hardfangs drop randomly.

How To Fight A Khezu In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to Get Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Fighting Khezu

While fighting the Khezu, it's recommended that players use the Earplugs Skill because the monster roars constantly and will interrupt combos. Additionally, the Khezu is weak against Fire weapons and is susceptible to effects like Poison, Blast, and Fireblight. Khezu monsters can be found in both Frost Lands and Lava Caverns, and players can try to fight the Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak alone or in a group with other hunters.

Since the Khezu needs to be fought at Master Rank, it's recommended that players find friends or other hunters to beat the monster with. Although it's difficult to communicate with other hunters that players are randomly matched up, it's still worth getting the extra help for defeating the Khezu. Since there are multiple opportunities to obtain Mystic Hardfangs, it shouldn't be too difficult to obtain enough resources even with a lack of communication.

Along with Fire damage, players can equip a weapon that deals Slashing damage to beat the Khezu quickly. Mystic Hardfangs can be used to craft the Die Walküre+, Squire's Braces, Khezu Coil X, and other weapons and armor. Certain upgrades also use Mystic Hardfangs as a primary resource. Players that want to farm for Mystic Hardfangs will need to continuously capture or kill Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.