How To Set Up And Use Hyundai Digital Key With Your Android Phone

The Hyundai Digital Key is a remarkable innovation that allows drivers to enjoy total access to their vehicle using their smartphone, but how can people set it up? Launched in 2019, the Digital Key is intended to replace the regular car key. This technology allows up to four authorized people to access the digital key. Plus, it is designed to be more secure than the traditional physical key. Upon arrival, it was said to be included in forthcoming Hyundai and Kia vehicles that same year. However, the first Hyundai to support the digital key was the 2020 Sonata.


Smartphones used as a key technology have been in development for a while. Since people always carry their mobile devices around, it makes sense to empower those devices with this feature. Aside from Hyundai, BMW, Lincoln, Tesla and Ford are some car manufacturers with smart keys for select models. For the Model 3, users can unlock the doors, access vehicle information, and do many other things. Unfortunately, since it's an evolving trend, not many models have it. However, it's believed that more models will support this technology in the foreseeable future.

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Although the Hyundai Digital Key first appeared in the Sonata, it has since been offered in electric models like the Ioniq 5 and the Kona Electric. As previously mentioned, the Hyundai Digital Key enables people to unlock and start their vehicle provided that their Hyundai comes with the feature. Drivers can obtain the Digital Key via an app download. In addition, the Digital Key employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for improved security. NFC is better than Bluetooth because for the Hyundai to start, the driver needs to be some centimeters away. With this proximity in mind, the car can't be operated by someone else since the owner is near the vehicle.

How To Set Up The Hyundai Digital Key

Hyundai Digital Key 2

Users need to satisfy specific requirements to set up the Hyundai Digital Key. As the technology is relatively new, not every smartphone can run it. Currently, only Android-enabled mobile devices support the Digital Key. So, for example, iPhone users won't be able to access the Digital Key even if their Hyundai comes with it. Also, the devices must come with Android operating system 7.0 or higher. They must also have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher and be compatible with NFC. It's worth noting that phones with either NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can still run the app, though features will be restricted. Prospective users must also have a MyHyundai account and are included in the Hyundai Digital Key service. The MyHyundai account connects the phone and Hyundai's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

After downloading the Hyundai Digital Key from the Google Play Store, drivers should program the car to always acknowledge the smartphone as a primary key. In the vehicle, drivers should open the Digital Key app, start the car, and press the + button on the app so the phone enters pairing mode. The phone should be on the wireless charger to achieve a successful pairing. The Hyundai will affirm the pairing, allowing drivers to register their phone as the primary key. For models with the navigation system, users should follow this sequence: Setup — Vehicle — Digital Key — Smartphone Key — Select — Save. Users must follow this sequence for models without navigation: Digital Key — Smartphone Key — Select — Save. While this is an incredible way to access vehicle controls, hackers can capitalize on some vulnerabilities.

Source: Hyundai USA