In MultiVersus, players will begin with only four characters to choose from, and players can unlock additional characters, such as the Game of Thrones character, Arya Stark. Players will need to collect resources in order to unlock the character of their choosing, such as Arya Stark, and various characters will cost different amounts of resources. Before unlocking a character, players will be able to view their unlock requirements on their locked character page. Players will not need to unlock Jake the Dog, Harley Quinn, Tazmanian Devil, or Shaggy in MultiVersus, as they are the default starting characters.


Players can unlock characters using Gold, the collectable and no-cost in-game currency, if they prefer not to spend actual money. Players will earn Gold by playing the game, such as by playing public matches. Players who complete rounds in a match and win will level up and earn more Gold from the game, i.e., up to 350 Gold depending on how many milestones players can achieve. Even if players do not win their match, they can still earn Gold in quantities of 40 to 100, depending on factors like the number of rounds and levels. Of note, players cannot earn Gold by playing Custom Games. Players can also earn Gold by clearing Missions, such as the easy introductory Missions that can be cleared to earn around 2,000 Gold, which is exactly the cost of unlocking Batman in MultiVersus. However, this will not be enough to earn players Arya Stark, who costs 3,000 Gold. Of note, all characters range from 1,000 to 3,000 Gold to unlock and add to the player's roster.

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A faster method than collecting Gold through Missions and matches to obtain characters is to purchase them with Gleamium, which is the paid in-game currency. Players can purchase Gleamium in various bundles of all sizes, with a discount for buying larger amounts of Gleamium. For example, to unlock a character that costs 3,000 Gold, such as Arya Stark, players should expect to spend around 720 Gleamium. Alternatively, players can also use their Gleamium to purchase cosmetic items, such as Arya Stark's waterdancer outfit.

Other Methods To Unlock Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Arya Stark Game of Thrones MultiVersus

Different from Gold or Gleamium, the final method to unlock a character is to use Founders Packs. Like Gleamium in MulitVersus, Founders Packs are purchased with real money from the in-game store. Inside the Founders Pack, players will find Character Tokens, which will instantly unlock the character depicted on the token. The smallest currently available Founders Pack includes 15 Character Tokens, and the largest Founders Pack available will earn players 30 total Character Tokens. If players purchase the largest pack and acquire the 30 Character Tokens, they will unlock almost all of the character roster. Additionally, Founders Packs also will reward players with bonus Gleamium that they can use to buy characters or cosmetics.

Once players purchase Arya Stark, they should prepare to play an assassin who prioritizes melee combat with sneak attacks. To use her effectively, players should note that she has the ability to steal her opponent's face, which also allows her to utilize their moves. The Game of Thrones character in MulitVersus also comes equipped with a pie, which she earns when she knocks out another character, and the pie can be eaten by her allies to gain health.