How to Unlock The Dish-stroyer Pickaxe in Fortnite

The unique Dish-stroyer pickaxe is now available for free for Fortnite players who take advantage of the ongoing deal between Fortnite’s developers at Epic Games and graphics hardware giant NVIDIA. Every season of Epic’s hit battle royale has introduced a few cosmetic freebies that all players can earn by completing challenges, taking advantage of unique promotions between Epic’s game studios, and leveling up on the free version of Fortnite’s latest Battle Pass. However, to earn the Dish-stroyer pickaxe, players must play Fortnite through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service.


Fortnite has something of a storied history when it comes to game streaming and with GeForce Now in particular. Following the lengthy legal drama between Epic Games and Apple, Fortnite remains unavailable on Apple’s iOS platform, but players have been able to get around that using GeForce Now since earlier this year. In addition, Fortnite can be streamed to mobile platforms and PC using the GeForce Now service, allowing players to access and play the game without having to download Fortnite itself. This makes it a potentially attractive option for mobile players and people with lower-spec PC hardware who might not be able to run Fortnite otherwise.

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Following a successful beta, players using NVIDIA’s service can now complete Fortnite’s latest event quests on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and some smart TVs. This collaboration with NVIDIA seems to have been successful enough that Epic has introduced the Dish-stroyer pickaxe in order to get even more players to try out Fortnite via cloud streaming.

How To Get Fortnite’s Dish-stroyer Pickaxe

Fortnite GeForce Now Official Announcement Artwork

The Dish-stroyer Pickaxe is available for a limited time, and to unlock it, players have to log onto Fortnite via NVIDIA GeForce Now between now and August 4th, 2022, when the promotion comes to an end. GeForce Now offers three tiers of membership, with the middle and high tiers providing players access to a priority queue and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 equivalent hardware, respectively. However, players can easily get this promotion using the free tier, which should work just fine. For now, the Dish-stroyer is limited to GeForce Now users; streaming Fortnite via Xbox Cloud Gaming won’t earn the player any rewards, for example.

Players can sign up to GeForce Now on NVIDIA’s website and download the right app for their platform or access the service via a supported web browser. Fortnite can then be launched straight from the service, with players also able to link their Epic Games account under the Connections section in GeForce Now’s Settings menu for cross-progression. However, the Dish-stroyer will only be rewarded starting on August 11th, so players shouldn’t expect to see any rewards right away.

The Dish-stroyer also might not be exclusive to GeForce Now users forever. According to Epic, much like Fortnite’s Among Us crossover cosmetics, the Dish-stroyer may eventually arrive in Fortnite’s in-game Item Shop at some point in the future. As a result, patient players who don’t necessarily want to engage with cloud streaming might finally have the chance to buy the Dish-stroyer outright using their hard-earned V-Bucks.