How to Unlock Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus

After years and years of fighting with one another, Tom and Jerry team up with one another in MultiVersus as a single unlockable character. The new fighting platformer features a small roster of characters compared to similar games like Super Smash Bros, but new fighters will continue to be introduced as time goes on. Although the duo can't be used immediately in-game, players can unlock Tom and Jerry shortly after beginning via either in-game purchases or through a free in-game currency.

Although they jokingly fight with one another in-game, players that are looking for a character with a good mix of ranged and melee attacks should consider unlocking Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus as soon as possible. Specifically, all of Tom and Jerry's special moves are ranged attacks, though Tom does have access to some of the classic cartoon items he's used on Jerry such as a frying pan and an oversized mallet. Completely in character, some of the duo's ranged attacks include Tom sending Jerry at their opponents by tying the mouse to a rocket, casting Jerry at opponents via a fishing line, and other iconic scenarios. Like all ranged characters, some of these attacks have cooldowns that will prevent players from spamming the more devasting attacks.


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For those who want to unlock Tom and Jerry as soon as possible, players should consider using the premium currency of MultiVersus called Gleamium. Gleamium is available in various sizes by spending real money, and players will need 700 to unlock Tom and Jerry. The package containing 1,000 Gleamium for $9.99 will be the cheapest way to acquire the pair, but those who already purchased a Founder's Pack can unlock Tom and Jerry as well. Each Founder's Pack comes with an item called a character ticket, which instantly unlocks any fighter in the game.

How To Unlock Tom & Jerry For Free In MultiVersus

Like all of the other characters in MultiVersus, Tom and Jerry can be unlocked for free for 3,000 Gold. While it will take players a bit more time to unlock Tom and Jerry for free than some of the other characters in MultiVersus, players can get a jump start on their coin collection by completing missions. There are a few introductory missions that reward a lot of Gold quickly.

Alternatively, players can earn more Gold in MultiVersus by completing matches. Naturally, winning matches and leveling up will reward more Gold, while losing will only net players a small amount. Unfortunately, Gold cannot be earned through custom matches, so players will need to be on their A-game to unlock Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.