How to Unlock Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

Like Mounts in MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV or Lost Ark, Tower of Fantasy features Vehicles, and unique rides that Wanderers can use for traversal across the world. Naturally, these Mount-like contraptions allow players to move faster than their standard running speed. As a result, they are able to reach new locations or areas far from fast travel points more quickly. It is undoubtedly important to take time immersing oneself within the shared, sci-fi open world of Tower of Fantasy, yet having a speedy means to get around does cut out unnecessary travel time.


Tower of Fantasy features several diverse Vehicles, such as the sleek Falcon motorbike, a robotic unicorn called Monocross, or the Dust Wheeler, which resembles the TSMEU-6 Wheel Bike that General Grievous rode in 2005's Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. More interesting Vehicles will likely become available as time goes by, as the game will receive more content and expansive updates.

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Nevertheless, Wanderers are doubtless eager to unlock their first Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy. Although the beginning segments of the game do not mandate much ground travel, having a cool ride will certainly make traversal across the terrain more engaging. However, to gain access to the Vehicles menu, Wanderers must first complete a specific quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Unlocking Vehicles In Tower Of Fantasy

Unlocking Vehicles In Tower Of Fantasy

To unlock the ability to ride Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, Wanderers must complete the quest, "Gift From Franz." According to Gamepur, this mission does not become available until after the protagonist has reached Chapter 1-4 of the main campaign. After completing a handful of tasks and adventures on Astra, players will be given the opportunity to teleport to Hykros, a floating city within the heavens. Here, Wanderers will be required to speak with several NPCs and fulfill some menial assignments. Nonetheless, once everything is in order, they can head to the upper levels of Hykros and meet with Cobalt-B.

Afterward some dialogue, Cobalt-B will show Wanderers their new ride, a futuristic-looking Omnium motorbike known as the Falcon. After interacting with the bike, Genshin Impact fans will gain access to the Vehicles menu in Tower of Fantasy. This achievement will enable Genshin Impact fans to activate any additional Vehicles they've acquired up to this point, such as the mysterious floating cube, Vehicle 2613. To equip a Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, open the semi-pause menu and select Vehicles. Choose the Falcon and press Activate. After closing the screen, press the V key to get onto the Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.

Source: Gamepur

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    In Tower of Fantasy, mankind has been forced to leave Earth in search of new frontiers due to the depletion of resources and energy. Now humanity has migrated to Aida, a lush alien world that supports human life. When humans discover a comet known as Mara which contains an energy source known as "Omnium", they build a Tower to contain it. However, Omnium radiation causes a catastrophic event which will require heroes from all over to bring everything back to normal.Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play multiplayer game with action RPG elements, where players can create their own protagonists while gathering new heroes, weapons, and classes as they travel the world of Aida. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can partner with others as they travel the land collecting materials and upgrades for their teams. Tower of Fantasy has entered an early open access beta as of August 11th, and will fully release on Steam in Q4 of 2022.