Velma Dinkely is an iconic character from Scooby-Doo, and one of the characters that can be unlocked in MultiVersusMultiVersus is a brand new fighting platformer game published by Warner Bros. that follows along the same fighting style as games like Super Smash Bros and All-Star Brawl, bringing some of the most recognizable characters to a fighting game. Known for being the most intelligent member of the gang, Velma Dinkely is one of the game's unlockable characters that offers tremendous support for her allies. Additionally, she has a mix of ranged and melee attacks that make unlocking her well worth the effort.


Unlike Cake the Cat in MultiVersus, Velma is a playable character rather than a reskin of an existing one. This means that players can either unlock Velma for free by playing through the game or purchase her through any of the game's purchases. Although MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, every character can either be unlocked for free via an in-game currency called gold or purchased outright.

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Purchasing a character outright in MultiVersus can be done by either acquiring Gleamium or purchasing a Founder's Pack. Every Founder's Pack purchase comes with a character ticket that can be used to unlock any fighter in MultiVersus. The Founder's Packs can be purchased at various levels, and each of them has additional rewards that can be unlocked as well. Gleamium is the MultiVersus premium currency, and Velma can be unlocked for 700. Unfortunately, the amount of Gleamium that can be purchased doesn't equal 700 evenly, so players will need to purchase the 1,000 Gleamium pack for $9.99.

How To Unlock Velma For Free In MultiVersus

To unlock Velma for free in MultiVersus, players will need to earn 2,000 Gold by playing the game. Gold can be earned by completing public matches, and more gold can be earned for winning. Additionally, more Gold can be earned if players level up at the end of a match, rewarding them with as much as 350 Gold. Depending on how many rounds were played, roughly 40-100 can be earned for a loss as well, but nothing will be earned in a custom match.

Gold can also be earned in MultiVersus by completing missions, and there are several introductory missions that can be finished easily to earn 2,000 Gold and unlock Velma. Other characters in MultiVersus such as Batman and Bugs Bunny also cost 2,000 Gold, while the rest range between 1,000 and 3,000 Gold. Unlock Velma Dinkley to use her as the ultimate support character in MultiVersus.