How Zack Snyder's Teen Titans Go! Cameo Came to Be

How Justice League director Zack Snyder's cameo came to be in Teen Titans Go! has been revealed. Snyder is the famed director of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League, helping to shape the current state of the DCEU. Snyder has worked on non-DCEU comic-book films as well, including an adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 and Alan Moore's Watchmen, both of which are prominent features in his filmography. The director was brought back to finish his version of Justice League for HBO Max last year, debuting a 4-hour cut that continues to be a popular and trending film within the DCEU.


On the other side of the DC universe, Teen Titans Go! is a long-running animated series that airs on Cartoon Network and takes a comedic approach to DC's teenage superhero group. It bears no continuity or connection to the broader DCEU. The show was created in 2013 and continues to be a popular series among fans, due largely to the tongue-in-cheek comedy and fourth-wall-breaking references. The show has no relation to the mature-rated Titans series on HBO Max, which takes a much darker, more realistic tone, although that has no connection to the DCEU either.

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It was revealed at Comic-Con 2022 that Snyder would be guest-starring as himself on the 365th episode of Teen Titans Go! and now it's been revealed how it came to be. Teen Titans Go! director Peter Michail says (via CBR) that it was "surprisingly very easy" to get Snyder on the show, as Snyder was already a fan. Michail says that they reached out to the Justice League director to pitch him their idea and "he loved it" and that "it was an incredible experience" having Synder on the show. Read Michail's full comment below:

He's a fan of the show, yo. We reached out and pitched him the idea. He loved it and was actually a fan -- like Greg's saying -- of the show. It was surprisingly very easy. It was, and he was great! It was an incredible experience, and we're honored to have him as a part of the Teen Titans Go! world, for sure.

Zack Snyder in Teen Titans Go Full

Snyder has since moved on from the DCEU, signing an exclusive deal with Netflix to produce feature films and series content for the streamer. He debuted Army of the Dead starring Dave Bautista in 2021 and is currently directing his sci-fi epic Rebel Moon as his next film, which is apparently being planned as a two-part film, and may well go beyond even that. The director is expected to direct a sequel to Army of the Dead but does not currently have plans to return to the DCEU, despite calls for his return.

Snyder's cameo in Teen Titans Go! is sure to be well in line with the show's humor, which frequently makes reference to real people and has featured guest stars playing themselves before, including the likes of LeBron James and CeeLo Green, amongst others. The appearance will no doubt be a comedic take that works Snyder's Justice League and DCEU connections deeply into the episode, which is sure to take a few jabs at the director, as well as WB. One of the things that makes Teen Titans Go! so fun is the deep cuts they frequently work in and with Snyder being a deep-cut maestro himself, it will surely be full of irreverent humor.