Hypercharge: Unboxed - How to Unlock All Cyberfury Head & Body Skins

The Cyberfury action figure has 16 unique cosmetic options to unlock in Hypercharge: Unboxed, and most of them require players to find bobbleheads on different maps. There are multiple unique bobbleheads hidden around each map, and they unlock different cosmetics for action figures. In order to use the Cyberfury action figure, players will need to unlock the character first by earning Gold on the Garden of Evil map.

To earn Gold on Garden of Evil, players will need to have the game set to Casual or Regular difficulty. Expert and Nightmare difficulty award a different set of medals. The Gold medal will be awarded when Garden of Evil is completed with all the Hypercores still intact by the end of the match. The Hyperrcores can be damaged, but they all need to make it to the end of the match in order for the Cyberfury figure to be unlocked in Hypercharge: Unboxed.


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After earning Gold on the Garden of Evil map, players will be able to use the Cyberfury action figure right away, but only one head and body skin will be unlocked. To get the rest of the cosmetics, players need to complete challenges and find collectibles. Some maps have multiple collectibles, and the Insectoid cosmetics are also unlocked with bobbleheads, so players should make sure they pick up the right item. Cyberfury has 16 cosmetics to unlock in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Unlock Requirements For All Cyberfury Cosmetics In Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge Unboxed Cyberfury Skin Customize Unlock Garden of Evil

There are eight Cyberfury head pieces and eight Cyberfury body skins to unlock in Hypercharge: Unboxed. All of the unlockable heads require players to find bobbleheads around each map, but the skins are awarded for reaching certain milestones. Destroying a specific type of enemy enough times or earning different types of medals will result in the Cyberfury body skins being unlocked.

  • Apprentice (Head): Unlocked automatically
  • Gai (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on No.2
  • RipJaw (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Fort Jeep
  • Prowler (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Action Attic
  • Blitz (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Airhockey Shuffle
  • Smog (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Flash in the Pan
  • NitBit (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Operation Alley
  • Boltron (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Dawn of the Toys
  • Apprentice (Skin): Unlocked in Hypercharge: Unboxed automatically
  • Flouyd (Skin): Destroy six T-Rex enemies
  • Fearless (Skin): Destroy 10 Cargo Planes
  • Venom (Skin): Destroy 30 UFOs
  • Dojo (Skin): Destroy 3,000 Meanbots
  • Dune (Skin): Earn 80,000 XP
  • Cyberfury (Skin): Earn 60 Gold awards
  • Cyberfury (Skin): Earn 25 Ruby awards

As long as players keep winning matches and explore the maps a little, they should be able to unlock all of the Cyberfury cosmetics easily. The difficult skins to unlock are more about time consumption than the actual challenge. Since the heads are all in different areas, players should find the collectible on the map, then focus on unlocking as many body skins as possible while completing the match. Along with the Cyberfury's specific heads and body skins, players can also unlock and use universal cosmetics with this action figure in Hypercharge: Unboxed.