Hypercharge: Unboxed - How to Unlock All Insectoid Head & Body Skins

The Insectoid action figure in Hypercharge: Unboxed has 16 unique cosmetic options, but only one head and one body skin will be available to use initially. For the rest of the cosmetics, players will need to search for collectibles around different maps and complete a few challenges. However, before the unique cosmetics can be applied, players will need to unlock the Insectoid action figure by earning Gold on the Action Attic map.

Players can earn Gold medals by completing a match on Casual or Regular difficulty and keeping every Hypercore intact until the end. The Hypercores can be damaged, but not destroyed, so players will need to focus on guarding them and replacing Batteries whenever necessary to maintain shields. After unlocking Hypercharge: Unboxed's Insectoid, players will be able to find bobbleheads and reach milestones to get new customization options for this action figure.


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The Insectoid action figure isn't the only one that has unlockable cosmetics through hidden bobbleheads. Some of the Cyberfury action figure's bobblehead collectibles are on the same maps as the Insectoid's, so players will want to make sure they grab the right one. While collecting bobblheads, players should also be aware of which body skin they may be close to unlocking and focus on completing that challenge for the rest of the match.

Unlock Requirements For All Insectoid Cosmetics In Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge Unboxed Toy Palace PRIMAL unlockable skin action figure

There are eight heads and eight body skins that can be used for the Insectoid action figure in Hypercharge: Unboxed, but unlocking them will take some time. Each of the heads need to be unlocked on a different map by collecting bobbleheads, so several matches need to be completed to collect all of them. Additionally, the challenges for unlocking the body skins require players to earn more medals or destroy enemies a specific number of times, which can also be time consuming. Aside from universal cosmetics, the Insectoid action figure has 16 unlockable items.

  • BlueLight (Head): Unlocked automatically
  • Pincer (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Garden of Evil
  • Tank (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Operation Alley
  • Greg (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Big Trouble in Little Hallway
  • Mantic (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Toy Palace
  • Scout (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Toy Palace
  • Prophet (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Dawn of the Toys
  • Crusher (Head): Find the hidden bobblehead on Action Attic
  • Scout (Skin): Unlocked in Hypercharge: Unboxed automatically
  • Sergeant (Skin): Destroy 12 Demolishers
  • Minion (Skin): Destroy 2,000 Spinners
  • Scarab (Skin): Earn 15 Diamond medals
  • Insectoid (Skin): Earn 30 Platinum medals
  • Leader (Skin): Throw a Battery 100 meters or further
  • Summer (Skin): Throw 60 Batteries
  • Velvet (Skin): Earn 180,000 Credits

The challenges will likely be completed passively as matches are finished, but it can go quicker if players are actively targeting certain enemies or playing on specific maps. The Insectoid cosmetics are a lot different than any of the other action figures, so they're worth unlocking for players that want an interesting look. After unlocking new head and body skin options for the Insectoid action figure, players can apply changes in the customization menu in Hypercharge: Unboxed.