Hypercharge: Unboxed - How to Unlock All Pleb Head & Body Skins

The Pleb action figure can be unlocked in Hypercharge: Unboxed while playing on the Tutorial map, and the various cosmetic options will also be available right away. Once unlocked, players can change the Pleb action figure by accessing the customization menu. There are only a few options for Pleb, but there are no additional unlock requirements once the base character model is obtained.

Unlike most of the other unlockable action figures in Hypercharge: Unboxed, getting Pleb doesn't require any specific medals to be obtained. Instead, players will need to find a set of Power Nodes on the Tutorial map in order to unlock Pleb. Every map has a few collectibles to find, and getting all of them will unlock buildable items, characters, or cosmetics for both action figures and weapons. The Tutorial map has four Power Nodes to find in order to unlock Pleb.


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After exiting the box on the Tutorial map, players will need to find and deliver Batteries to four Power Nodes in order to unlock Pleb. One of the Power Nodes is on the fifth-highest Model Kit shelf behind the tank kits. There's another Power Node behind the Speed Wheels sign on the top shelf, and a third on the Puzzles section's empty top shelf. The last Power Node is on the Super Blocks shelf behind the toys. After bringing Batteries to all four Power Nodes, players will just need to complete the Tutorial match to unlock Pleb in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Unlock Requirements For All Pleb Cosmetics In Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge Unboxed Pleb character model action figure

Luckily, after finding all of the collectibles on the Tutorial map, players will have access to all of the Pleb head and body skin cosmetics. There are no other unlock requirements for these specific customization options. However, there are also universal cosmetics that can be used with any action figure, and those will need to be unlocked before they can be applied to the Pleb figure. As players win more matches, they will inevitably gain access to additional cosmetics and characters in Hypercharge: Unboxed. There are one head and 10 body skin options for the Pleb action figure.

  • Pleb (Head)
  • Fimbly (Skin)
  • Todd Segward (Skin)
  • Punkapup (Skin)
  • Green Bob (Skin)
  • Dusty Giggle (Skin)
  • Yeggert (Skin)
  • Wrongton (Skin)
  • Slugpep (Skin)
  • Gubbert (Skin)
  • CONK-33 (Skin)

Although Pleb's customization options are available right away, most of the unlockables in Hypercharge: Unboxed have specific requirements. For example, players need to earn Platinum or Diamond medals for several heads and body skins for the Defence Corp action figure. There are a lot of unlockables to obtain in Hypercharge: Unboxed, so players should continue playing on different maps and working toward mastering Nightmare difficulty to unlock everything in the game.