Is Darren Barnet's Paxton Leaving Never Have I Ever After Season 3?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever season 3Darren Barnet’s Paxton Hall-Yoshida has been a crucial part of Never Have I Ever for three seasons. When he was first introduced, Paxton was little more than the school heartthrob and Devi’s long-time crush. Over the course of the show, Paxton has evolved, maturing in a lot of ways. Never Have I Ever season 3 saw the most growth for his character thus far, but the season ended in a way that calls into question Barnet’s future with the popular Netflix series.


Paxton’s journey has been an interesting one. He has had to go through a lot of teaching moments, including finally being proud of being seen with Devi as his girlfriend after she cheated on him with Ben Gross in Never Have I Ever season 2. Paxton has discovered who he is with the help of Devi, Ben, and others. He also managed to graduate high school with decent grades and acceptances into two universities, something Paxton didn’t think would happen because he was no longer eligible for a swim team scholarship. With Paxton choosing to attend Arizona State University and Devi having moved on — first with Des and then with ex-boyfriend Ben — it seems like the character’s arc is finally complete. Does that mean Barnet is leaving the show behind in season 4?

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While the end of Never Have I Ever season 3 certainly suggests that Barnet’s Paxton will no longer be a series regular in season 4, it has been confirmed (by co-creator Lang Fisher) that he will not be leaving the show. According to Fisher, Barnet’s character will be in Never Have I Ever season 4 as much as he was in season 3. After all, he has been such an integral part of the Netflix series that it would’ve been hard to imagine he would just up and disappear without ever returning. Fisher also revealed that the love triangle between Devi, Ben, and Paxton was not quite done yet, which certainly confirms Barnet’s active role in the Netflix show’s fourth and final season. It could be that Paxton will appear during his breaks from college (during holidays, the summer and spring breaks).

Why Paxton Leaving Never Have I Ever Would’ve Made Sense

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If Barnet did leave Never Have I Ever for good after season 3, it would have made a lot of sense considering his character’s trajectory. His character not only graduated, but he realized that he wants more from a relationship than superficiality. In that way, Paxton Hall-Yoshida could've finally moved forward with a new perspective, proud that he’s grown so much throughout his final years of high school. While he dedicated his graduation speech to Devi, Paxton didn’t indicate that he wanted to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, though there was a hint. All told, the conclusion of his journey in Never Have I Ever season 3 shows that he’s far more mature than when the show began. Bringing him back might not be a good thing as it risks undercutting all that he’s been through and where he finally ends up personally.

Ultimately, Paxton’s graduation is a perfect way to say goodbye to the character, though his absence would have admittedly been strange in Never Have I Ever season 4. There are a number of ways to bring Barnet back in some capacity despite having graduated. However things shake out, Paxton's an asset to Never Have I Ever. Even though he played a big role in shaping Devi’s high school experience and romantic relationships, Paxton also had the opportunity to develop as a character, both in his relationship with Devi and on his own. With him and Devi being in a good place now, anything is possible in season 4.