John Krasinski Responds To MCU Fantastic Four Movie Announcement

After Marvel Studios' announcement of the Fantastic Four movie, John Krasinski responds to questions about his possible MCU future. After re-acquiring the rights to Fox's Marvel characters, Marvel Studios was expected to reintroduce the First Family into their own franchise. Long before any official announcement has been made about the Fantastic Four revival in the MCU, Krasinski was already the fan-favorite to play Reed Richards, while his wife, Emily Blunt, was being petitioned as the next Sue Storm.

At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, Marvel finally revealed that the Fantastic Four movie kicks off MCU Phase 6, confirming a release date of November 2024. No other details have been shared, however, despite rumors that a director and a full cast list were going to be unveiled. If anything, this only fuels people's campaign for Krasinski to be cast as MCU's Mr. Fantastic. After all, Marvel Studios has already established working ties with him when he played a variant of the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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In a new guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor was asked to comment about Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four announcement at San Diego Comic-Con. Expectedly, he was tightlipped about the matter, though he does admit that "they don't tell you anything" until filming starts, indicating he couldn't share information even if he wanted to. He was also asked by host Jimmy Fallon about the Blunt's status as the potential Sue Storm, but he only responded by miming his death via blow-dart just as he was about to tell all.

Fantastic Four

Krasinski's Doctor Strange 2 cameo was so brief that it wasn't enough to really have an informed opinion of his potential take on playing the MCU's Reed Richards. But, the fact that he was cast in the Sam Raimi-directed flick means that Marvel Studios listens to the public's input about their casting. The question now is whether that was the best they can do, in terms of delivering on this ongoing fervor to see Krasinski and Blunt spearhead the franchise's Fantastic Four revival. Variants can look different from each other, so Feige could certainly cast someone else to play the part in their upcoming reboot film. However, they could also stick with Krasinski and give fans what they have been wanting for years.

As for Krasinski claiming that he isn't remotely aware of Marvel Studios' plans for him as Reed Richards, if there are any, chances are this isn't entirely true. At the very least, he was given an idea of what it means for him to play the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It's safe to say that, right now, if Feige does plan on casting Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic long-term, the actor would probably already know.