Jon Hamm's 10 Highest-Grossing Movies, Ranked According To Box Office Mojo

Mad Men fans will be thrilled to learn that Jon Hamm will be reunited with John Slattery on the big screen in the upcoming movie, Confess, Fletch, currently in post-production. Hamm's career changed practically overnight courtesy of AMC's Mad Men and, while Don Draper showed that the actor could portray serious and intense, Hamm's subsequent theatrical features have shown an amazing range, particularly when he branches into comedy.

Furthermore, the majority of his theatrical ventures have proven financially successful, with Top Gun: Maverick proving to be a particularly jaw-dropping success. With that said, not every excellent Hamm movie was met with positive financial returns, as Box Office Mojo's data reveals.


10 Tag (2018) — $54.7 Million

Tag was perhaps the best major studio comedy of 2018, and while it didn't flop at the box office, it didn't break any records, either. Released in the middle of the summer, the movie had the spark of energy present in the best star-studded comedies and benefitted from chemistry amongst the cast every bit as strong as The Hangover. The plot follows five friends who devote one month of each year to a game of tag. However, life is moving on whether they've fully grown-up or not, and things have changed to a drastic extent. However, one constant is the winning streak of Jerry Pierce (Jeremy Renner), which may be broken at his upcoming wedding.

Even with such a stacked cast, Tag carried a modest budget of only $28 million. For their investment, Warner Bros. saw the movie open to just under $15 million, but it held on before ultimately closing out with about $55 million from domestic markets and an impressive $23.4 million from international theaters.

9 We Were Soldiers (2002) — $78.1 Million

Captain Dilion receives orders in We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers may be one of Hamm's best movies, but his role as Captain Matt Dillon is far from substantial, amounting to little more than a cameo.

We Were Soldiers' 2002 worldwide total of $115 million may look impressive from the outside, but it also carried a $75 million price tag, making the Mel Gibson-led Vietnam War movie a flop. This is especially true considering both the fact that Gibson's career was in good health, and it faced next to no competition in the form of 40 Days and 40 Nights.

8 The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) — $79.4 Million

Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm in The Day the Earth Stood Still

While perhaps not one of Keanu Reeves' best movies, The Day the Earth Stood Still gives the notoriously stoic actor far more to do than Hamm's NASA official, Michael Granier. Hamm's character is effectively responsible for bringing Jennifer Connelly's character into the narrative to study Reeves' alien, Klaatu.

Scott Derrickson's (Doctor Strange) remake of the 1951 classic The Day the Earth Stood Still wasn't quite a blockbuster, nor was it a particularly memorable film, but it still managed to nearly match its $80 million budget in the United States. Factor in $153 million from international territories and the film was a modest hit.

7 Space Cowboys (2000) — $90.4 Million

Jon Hamm in Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys is loaded with stars, including Hamm, but his role is limited to a tiny cameo. Instead, the film focuses on Clint Eastwood's Frank Corvin, who enlists his fellow old-timer astronaut pals to help stop a hovering satellite from going completely dead.

The Eastwood astronaut film carried a budget higher than much of his filmography ($65 million), and only earned an international gross of $38 million, but the star's clout — alongside those of Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones, and the late James Garner — were enough to net the film over $90 million in domestic ticket sales.

6 The Town (2010) — $92.2 Million

Jon Hamm in The Town

One of the most prominent and renowned gangster films of the 2010s, Ben Affleck's The Town helped solidify his directorial talent as one worth watching after his equally impressive debut of Gone Baby Gone. In it, Hamm portrays FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley, who is hot on the tail of the far-from-innocent but overall gentle Douglas MacRay (Affleck) and his increasingly volatile friend, James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner).

The Town was an important movie to the careers of just about everyone involved. From Hamm to future Tag co-star Renner, Rebecca Hall, and, of course, Affleck. On top of being well-reviewed, the film was a substantial success, opening to $23.8 million in the U.S. on a budget of $37, which it easily surpassed to the tune of a $154 million worldwide total.

5 Baby Driver (2017) — $107.8 Million

The thieves in an elevator in Baby Driver movie.

Baby Driver allowed Hamm to go full villain, and he doesn't disappoint in what is easily one of the best movies of Hamm's career. The actor portrays career criminal Buddy who, along with his girlfriend, Darling, hopes to make enough from a quick payout to retire. Unfortunately, Buddy and Baby cross paths in the ugliest way, and the former shows his true self.

Arguably the biggest success from director Edgar Wright, Baby Driver also ranks among the most lucrative films of Hamm's career. The film's cast and high-budget look make its $34 million budget somewhat surprising, and keeping things cheap helped make it a smashing success with a worldwide total of just under $227 million.

4 Bridesmaids (2011) — $169.1 Million

While Hamm went uncredited for his role in Paul Feig's Bridesmaids, his jerky, using boyfriend character, Ted, played a substantial part in the narrative and in the life of the film's protagonist, Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig).

Factoring in the low budget and massive worldwide cume, Bridesmaids is perhaps the biggest financial success of Hamm's career. Hitting theaters with a production budget of only $32.5 million, Feig's film earned a jaw-dropping $169 million from United States theaters. Add in its $119 million international gross and Bridesmaids was every bit a success as fellow early summer 2011 movie Thor.

3 Shrek Forever After (2010) — $238.7 Million

Brogan and Shrek from Shrek Forever After.

Hamm has taken on several voice-acting roles in his career, and the first was as Shrek's fellow ogre, Brogan, in the franchise's fourth installment, Shrek Forever After. He's like Shrek, but taller, more muscular, and has a grudge against the film's villain: Rumpelstiltskin.

Shrek Forever After found the franchise experiencing diminishing returns but it still managed to be one of Hamm's biggest hits nonetheless. The original Shrek became a quotable pop-culture juggernaut fairly quickly, earning a worldwide total of $488 million on a budget of just $60 million. Dreamworks didn't keep things quite as cheap for Shrek 2, with a production budget of $150 million, but it earned an astounding $929 million across the globe. Shrek the Third was the first sign of trouble with a slightly higher budget of $160 million and a worldwide tally of $813 million. Hamm's installment, the fourth and as-of-yet-final, upped the budget again to $165 million and again earned a decreased worldwide haul of nearly $753 million.

2 Minions (2015) — $336 Million

Herb (Jon Hamm) and Scarlet (Sandra Bullock) in Minions - Review

In Minions, Hamm portrays Herb Overkill, a diabolical inventor in cahoots with his wife, Scarlet (Sandra Bullock), the first supervillainess. The couple then enlists the yellow chatterboxes to steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown, but it stands to reason the Overkills won't be fond of the Minions' progress.

As a spin-off of Despicable Me, one of Steve Carell's best movies, Minions was practically guaranteed to make some money at the box office, but few could have predicted the extent of its success. With a budget of just $74 million, Minions earned over $330 million from U.S. theaters alone. And if that weren't impressive enough, it gained almost $825 million from international territories.

1 Top Gun: Maverick (2022) — $564 Million As Of 7/3

An image of Jon Hamm standing behind a podium in Top Gun 2

As the most popular film of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick is as big a critical darling as it is a commercial one. It also stands to reason that it will be the highest-grossing film of Hamm's career for quite some time, and it even manages to give the Mad Men actor an excellent role along the way. As Commander Beau "Cyclone" Simpson, Hamm gets to stand in the way of Tom Cruise's Maverick more often than not, but he has to come to the realization that not everything should be done strictly by the book.

Even if Maverick wasn't still making impressive amounts of money, it would be considered a success exceeding the film's already-high expectations. After five weekends in theaters, the film still holds the number two position and has amassed a truly impressive $1.1 billion worldwide. Most impressive is its domestic tally of $564 million, making it arguably the most successful legacy sequel of a classic American film to date.

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