Jon Snow Sequel Can Finally Kill The Worst Game Of Thrones Ending Theory

The worst Game of Thrones ending theory can finally be put to rest by the Jon Snow sequel. It’s no surprise that HBO has several Game of Thrones spinoff shows in development, as it looks to capitalize on the success of one of the biggest shows of all time (and hopefully avoid its later struggles). It helps, of course, that there is a wealth of source material to draw upon courtesy of George R. R. Martin, which is already being used thanks to House of the Dragon and extends to potential projects such as The Tales of Dunk & Egg.


The one show that’s not adapting Martin’s work, though, is also the most surprising of the lot: a Game of Thrones sequel about Jon Snow, with Kit Harington reprising his role. A direct follow-up to the show may be unexpected, and Jon Snow’s ending isn’t one that obviously screams more to come, but it does also come with some potential and more than a little intrigue. What lurks beyond the Wall now? How will Jon cope with life among the Wildlings again, so far from his family in Westeros? What’s scars does he carry?

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The Jon Snow sequel can provide greater depth to Game of Thrones’ main hero, but also make an impact in other ways. It can explain confusing elements - like why does Westeros even need a Night’s Watch now? - and, optimistically, kill perhaps the worst theory about Game of Thrones’ ending: that Daenerys Targaryen was resurrected. After Jon killed Daenerys, Drogon pick up and flew away with his mother’s body, and was last seen over in Essos. The theory went that Drogon was going to take Daenerys to a Red Priestess - such as Kinvara, last seen in Game of Thrones season 6 - who would bring her back to life. By nature of being a direct sequel to Game of Thrones, the Jon Snow spinoff would surely have to reckon with this if it were true, and thus can put it to rest for good.

Jon Snow’s Sequel Can Confirm Daenerys Wasn’t Resurrected

Drogon and Daenerys' Body with Kinvara in Game of Thrones

Daenerys being resurrected couldn’t just be an event that happens off-screen and viewers never learn of. It would irrevocably change Game of Thrones’ ending and future; it’s final “villain” back alive, which would once again risk throwing open the power struggle within Westeros, should she choose to return. Even if she didn’t, and had decided there was nothing but pain and suffering for her there, it’s still something those in Westeros would be able to find out about: King Bran is effectively his own master of whisperers, swapping little birds for a Three-Eyed Raven who can - with a rather ill-defined power - see a lot of what’s going on in the present and future. Oh, and who is keeping close tabs on Drogon, so if Daenerys were resurrected by a Red Priestess, he’d surely know.

For the Jon Snow sequel in particular, it would need to address this. Given the show will be focused so centrally on Jon, then such a monumental reversal of the act that landed him in this position - an act of not only Queenslaying, but of killing a woman he seemingly loved - would be the single biggest impact upon his entire story. Thus, if it’s not in the show - which it presumably won’t be, barring a major shock - then it would all but confirm Daenerys is truly dead. The theory never fully made sense, even as a means to find some hope for those disappointed in Daenerys’ Game of Thrones ending; her story was over (as was that of the Lord of Light), and Drogon departing with her body was very clear in its meaning and symbolism as to putting a full stop on that. Jon Snow may know nothing, but his sequel can prove that much at least.