Jordan Peele Goes Big With Nope On IMAX [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant is thrilled to exclusively present a the brand design artwork for Nope on IMAX, as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette previewing the epic experience. Out in theaters on July 22, Nope was written, directed and produced by acclaimed director Jordan Peele who has massively leveled up the scale of his cerebral latest horror film after creating gems such as Get Out and Us.

While plot details were scare in the months leading up to Nope's release, the latest trailer and reveals from Peele himself have made the storyline a little clearer. A series of paranormal events lead residents of a California town to prove the existence of aliens in their area, but the very act of attempting to expose the visitors may have angered them beyond belief. Get Out's breakout star Daniel Kaluuya plays James, while Keke Palmer (Lightyear) plays his sister Jill. The film also stars Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, Steven Yeun, and Barbie Ferreira.


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One thing that sets Nope apart is that it is the first horror epic to be shot with IMAX’s iconic 15/65mm film cameras, making it specially formatted to be experienced in IMAX theatres. In Screen Rant's exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Peele shares some of the vision that led to such revolutionary filmmaking choices. Though his films are always personal, he declares that, "Nope stands above my other films in that it's a bigger adventure than I've ever tried to tell." A more ambitious project demands the necessary technology to connect with the audience in an extraordinary way, which is exactly what he found in IMAX.

Check out the Nope featurette through the embedded video, or by clicking the link below:

(Watch the full video on YouTube.)

“When you’re shooting on IMAX, you just know you’re doing something cinematically special," Peele explain. "The image is so overwhelming, it feels like you’re there." Thanks to those film cameras, certain sequences in Nope will visually expand to fill the screen exclusively in IMAX theaters. Moviegoers will be able to experience more of the image exactly as Peele and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema intended, with unprecedented crispness and clarity. Combined with next generation IMAX precision sound, it will create total immersion. Or as Peele describes it, "an awe and a fear and a wonder we all had when we were kids.”

Van Hoytema similarly promises an "exhilarating ride," revealing that, "We shot on IMAX cameras and were not shy of doing very extreme or crazy things with those cameras.” The words of both creative visionaries tease how IMAX's lifelike visuals and precision audio will transport viewers right into the middle of Nope's heart-pounding action.

Further illustrating that point is the delightful yet eerie brand design artwork, which Screen Rant can reveal below:

Nope on IMAX

Much like the previously revealed aspects of Nope, the newest artwork sets the scene and atmosphere of the film without explaining the plot details further. Fans will have to wait until July 22 to see which of their theories are proven true, but watching the movie at an IMAX theater will ensure they don't miss any of the story clues thanks to detailed, lifelike images of IMAX Film Cameras.

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Nope will be released on July 22 by Universal Pictures, and tickets are already available through IMAX theaters.

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