Josh Duggar Faces Strict 'Military-Style' Environment In Prison

Josh Duggar, a former reality star from 19 Kids & Counting, will be forced to follow strict military-style guidelines while in prison. In May 2022, Josh was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison after being convicted of obtaining and owning child pornography. At the beginning of his conviction, Josh's controversial past resurfaced. One of the first things that shocked viewers of the show, and those following the star's case, was that he sexually abused five girls when he was a teenager and did not face major consequences. To make matters worse, four of the five girls were close relatives of his. Even further, it was Josh's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, that opted for him to be sent to a Christian-based therapy program rather than having him sent to jail.


Therefore, it came as no surprise when his parents showed him great support during his case. While Josh awaited sentencing, Michelle wrote a letter to the judge pleading for her son to receive the least amount of years seeing that he was facing 20 years in jail. Michelle, alongside her husband, had also requested prayers for themselves and Josh's wife and children shortly after he was charged with counts of possessing child pornography. However, Josh has siblings and other relatives that did not offer him the same support.

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Josh has recently been transferred to the Federal Correctional Institution in Seagoville, Texas where he will have to follow the strict rules that apply to other prisoners. Based on a TMZ report, Josh will be subjected to daily chores that include making his bed by 7:30 AM during the week and completing other sanitation tasks like cleaning the floors and emptying trash cans. As a prisoner in the low-security institution, Josh will need to be in his room by 11 in the evening and will have to cease conducting any social activity by the next hour. To occupy his time, Josh will have the opportunity to do some prison labor and could work as a painter, welder, or landscaper, or he could work in the prison's food service. However, he will not be compensated for his labor, as Texas does not pay its inmates for labor.

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Despite having to comply with the prison's rules, previous reports have suggested that Josh has received special treatment since arriving at the institution. According to a report from Radar Online, inmates were asked to clean the prison's facilities before Josh's arrival. A tape was released from the institution, and one inmate was heard saying, "They wanted us to come in and make the place look all clean and sh*t before he got here." One prisoner was heard saying that they were unaware of who the reality star was, but others knew about him and the trouble he had caused. Said prisoner was heard saying, "When the sh*t hit the fan, and the show got canceled. All that crazy sh*t because of him. I said, ‘It would be crazy being in a unit with somebody like that.'"

After being sentenced to 12 years in prison, the 19 Kids & Counting star filed an appeal to have his case revisited, but nothing has come from the appeal. If the star's case is not appealed, he will continue to serve his full sentence and should be released in 2034. Upon Josh's release, he will be placed on probation for 20 years, or until about 2054, and will not be allowed to be around minors in unsupervised settings. Josh will also not be allowed to watch any type of pornographic video.