Katie Holmes Is Wrong: Dawson’s Creek Needs A Revival To Fix Its Finale

Katie Holmes is wrong — Dawson's Creek needs a revival to address its controversial ending. Created by Kevin Williamson for The WB, the show joins the string of coming-of-age shows in the late '90s and early 2000s that populate the airwaves. Dawson's Creek is centered on a group of friends led by James Van Der Beek's Dawson Leery living in Capeside, Massachusetts, as they transition from early puberty in high school to adults in college and beyond. 

Despite the show being named Dawson, Dawson's Creek was really more of an ensemble series. It examined the personal relationships among his group of friends, which originally included Holmes' Joey Potter, Joshua Jackson's Pacey Witter, and Michelle Williams' Jen Lindley. Over the years, the circle changed quite a few times. Still, the focus remained on its four main characters and their evolving dynamics, particularly the love triangle between Dawson, Joey, and Pacey. Ultimately, Dawson's Creek ended with Joey getting back together with Pacey. 


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As the two-decade anniversary of its finale approaches, Holmes comments on potentially reviving Dawson's Creek in a new interview. The actress, unfortunately, squashes any hopes for the project, saying that she and the rest of the cast decided not to do it because they don't think anybody would want to see those characters in their 40s. This isn't exactly true, however. In fact, aside from the interest in seeing Dawson, Joey, and Pacey again in their middle age, the Dawson's Creek revival can also finally fix the show's divisive ending. Despite its emotional finale, which saw Joey and Pacey reuniting while Dawson lived his dream of becoming a hotshot director in Hollywood, there were arguments that she should have ended up with the show's titular character. In fact, even Williamson claimed that he thought Joey and Pacey's relationship wouldn't have lasted. The potential Dawson's Creek revival could finally settle this debate by showing what really happened to the trio.

Why Dawson’s Creek Finale Was Divisive

When Dawson's Creek started, there was a clear goal that Dawson and Joey would ultimately end up together. After getting together for the first time, however, they eventually broke up and started dating other people. During this time, the series began developing Pacey and Joey's friendship. It was arguably more fun to watch, considering that the pair didn't even like each other initially; they were only forced to hang out because they were both Dawson's friends. Organically, they began their romance which was seemingly more passionate than Joey and Dawson's. They, too, broke up, and in an effort to sustain the drama, it started going back and forth between the pairings until the end. Because the Dawson's Creek finale didn't really show how Joey chose actor Joshua Jackson’s Pacey, instead opting for a mini time-jump, there have been arguments that she made the wrong choice.

On top of settling this Dawson's Creek romantic debate, there's also something intriguing about reuniting with these characters years after they were last on the show. They grew up and went through a lot in the series' six seasons, and there is a natural interest in seeing what their lives have become since the project ended. It's also curious what Dawson's Hollywood career has become and if that first meeting with his idol, Steven Spielberg, went well.