Kylie Jenner Asks For Requests While Teasing Return Of King Kylie Era

Kylie Jenner might be bringing back her iconic King Kylie era as The Kardashians star asked fans what they want to see from a potential collab between King Kylie and Kylie Cosmetics. Before Kylie was a mother of two and dating rapper Travis Scott, she was embracing her youth and utilizing social media to build her brand. The youngest Kar-Jenner appealed to a more youthful demographic than her sisters and was active on apps like Vine in the early to mid-2010s, making funny videos that related to her young followers. Around 2014, Kylie started getting lip fillers, and a year later, she launched her Kylie Jenner lip kits with Kylie Cosmetics.


At the time, it seemed that Kylie was the new Kim Kardashian and was overshadowing her sister, who didn't understand social media the way her younger sister did. She started showing off various wigs on social media, including her iconic turquoise wig that she often wore, and even renamed herself King Kylie on social media. Despite Kim's fears that her younger sister was becoming more famous than she was, Kylie's love for the spotlight faded, and nowadays, the reality star lives a much more private life. However, recently, Kylie has been sharing some funny videos on TikTok, and fans have wondered if the makeup mogul is ready to return to her King Kylie era.

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The Kardashians star apparently heard the chatter among her fans and took to Twitter to tease fans about a possible King Kylie X Kylie Cosmetics collaboration. Kylie tweeted, "if i just so happen to do a King Kylie collection what products would u guys like to see." The star rarely interacts with her fans on Twitter and mostly uses her account to promote her makeup products. Her tweet is the first time in a while that she's given her fans an opportunity to connect with her. Luckily most replies were from fans who were very excited about a potential joint venture.

if i just so happen to do a King Kylie collection what products would u guys like to see 🤔

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) July 5, 2022

Twitter user @moonlighttsouls responded, "ITS HAPPENING EVERYONE. King Kylie is back!" Other fans responded with photos of Kylie in her iconic turquoise wig, hoping that she would bring it back for the makeup collab. As for what fans are hoping to see, they suggested some eye shadow palettes with bright colors, including blue to match Kylie's wig, to commemorate the fun and brightness of the King Kylie era. Unfortunately, not everyone was excited about Kylie's tweet, as one user suggested the star stops worrying about collabs and puts her energy into creating higher-quality products.

King Kylie was an era fans may never forget. Kylie was at the height of fame with a newfound confidence in herself. She'd separated herself from her famous family and was making a name for herself on her own. No one saw her as Kim Kardashian's younger sister anymore but as her own brand. Like most things, it's hard to recreate an era so iconic and loved by fans, but a makeup line could be a great way for The Kardashians star to honor the fun time she had with her fans when she enjoyed being in the spotlight.