League Of Super Pets & 9 Other Films With Unique Takes On Superheroes

DC League Of Super-Pets introduces general audiences to the beloved pets of DC's most famous superheroes. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski, Keanu Reeves, and a host of other recognizable actors, the new animated film adopts a unique outlook on the superhero genre.

In a market well-saturated with superhero flicks that keep to a generally consistent formula, films that stray from the typical beats of a common superhero movie are always refreshing. Audience members experiencing superhero fatigue might enjoy certain movies that offer unique perspectives on superheroes in much the same way that League of Super-Pets does.


10 DC League Of Super-Pets (2022)

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Krypto and Ace in DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets features a star-studded cast of voice actors stepping into the roles of the pets of the world's greatest superheroes. With Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart leading the way as Crypto the Super-Dog and Ace the Bat-Hound, respectively, audiences are finally introduced to the next breed of superheroes.

While many superhero films are skewed toward slightly older audiences, League of Super-Pets explores what the genre can look like when directed specifically toward children. With a cute and cuddly cast to lead that way, DC's next generation of superheroes may pave the way for more films of a similar vein.

9 Watchmen (2009)

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watchmen 2009 all main characters posing

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen explores an entirely new group of superheroes in an alternate reality United States. Directed by Zack Snyder, the film received mixed reviews upon its premiere but has garnered a cult following in the years since, leading to a prequel television series being released in 2019.

Moore and Gibbons's characters mixed with the dreary backdrop of Zack Snyder's cinematic vision create a world distinct from either that of Marvel or DC. While the latter comic company would later adopt Snyder's vision briefly for their cinematic universe, such stylings never felt quite a in place for such a mainstream audience.

8 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

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Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an animated endeavor marking the cinematic debut of Miles Morales, who ventures into the multiverse to discover several variants of Spider-Man from alternate universes. The film's success led to the launching of a new Spider-Man franchise, with a sequel scheduled to be released next year.

Into the Spider-Verse is largely considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all time, with critics and fans praising the voice cast, the animation style, and the deeply resonant themes. The 2018 film put a new spin on the superhero genre, introducing the concept of the multiverse long before such a plot device had become the norm.

7 Eternals (2021)

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Eternals Movie Cast Characters Lineup Header

Eternals is the twenty-sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a part of Phase 4. Starring a wide-ranging cast that includes Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Angelina Jolie, and more, the film is helmed by Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao.

Though Eternals deeply divided both fans and critics, with many failing to see the film's good qualities, it is undoubtedly the most unique entry in the sprawling MCU. Eternals takes a mythological approach to superheroes and isn't afraid to ask deeply personal questions about its characters, presenting a moral dilemma far more nuanced than one would find in most other superhero films.

6 The New Mutants (2020)

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The New Mutants 2020 Movie Review

The New Mutants is a spinoff to Fox's X-Men franchise and, after Disney's acquisition of Fox in 2019, the final installment of the decades-old franchise. The film follows several young mutants that have been institutionalized in a research facility that aims to study and control them. After numerous delays, the film was finally released in 2020.

While The New Mutants ultimately failed to resonate with audiences, it does admirably attempt to explore a vastly different tone than any other superhero film thus far, fully embracing the horror genre in a way that no other superhero films have done before. Although the film is generally disliked by fans, it is certainly unlike other films within its genre.

5 Megamind (2010)

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Megamind's Grand Entrance

Megamind is a 2010 animated comedy starring Will Ferrell as the titular supervillain who, after finally defeating his archnemesis, seeks to find a new enemy to occupy his time. As the film progresses, however, Megamind discovers that he may not be as bad as he was always led to believe.

This film takes a new perspective on the superhero genre, as audiences experience the story through the eyes of the villain. Whereas most films tend to portray the supervillain as one-note, unsympathetic, and wicked, Megamind asks whether evil is truly in one's nature, or if it is learned, an important philosophical question rarely addressed in films with such wide appeal.

4 The Incredibles (2004)

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The Incredibles poster

The Incredibles is a 2004 film from Pixar Animation Studios that features a team of superheroes in a world that has largely done away with their kind after a string of legal nightmares regarding the superhero career. As a family, the Parrs are eventually reluctantly dragged back into the world of super heroics, as they once again must save the world.

The Incredibles introduces fans to one of the best superhero families in cinema, choosing to dwell more on the family aspect of the story than the superhero antics along the way. As such, the film has become a beloved classic, overcoming the boundaries of its genre to tell a heartfelt tale that resonates with all audiences, not just superhero fanatics.

3 Project Power (2020)

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Jamie Foxx in Project Power

Project Power is a 2020 Netflix original film starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. The film is set in a world wherein one can attain temporary superpowers by taking a dangerous experimental drug. The fallout of such a development is near-catastrophic, leading the enforcers of the law to step in to take the drug off the market.

Project Power dares to put a new spin on the oversaturated superhero genre by exploring the addictive and even destructive effects that superpowers can wreak on humans and society at large. While not as well-written as certain other superhero films, this Netflix original proves to be a fresh take on the genre.

2 Brightburn (2019)

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A shot of Brandon using his heat vision

From producer James Gunn and written by several other members of the Gunn family, Brightburn is a superhero horror film closely resembling the origin story of another well-known superhero. The film flips Superman's story on its head, exploring the terrifying possibility that an all-powerful child from another planet was not as altruistic as the Kryptonian the world has come to love over the decades.

Brightburn capitalizes on the countertrend to the rising popularity of superhero films which asks what the world might look like with malevolent superbeings. As such, Brightburn joins the ranks of productions like The BoysInvincible, and more, that caution against a blank-check trust in superhero kind.

1 Unbreakable (2020)

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Bruce Willis as David Dunn in Unbreakable

Unbreakable is a unique film from prolific writer-director M. Night Shyamalan starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. In the film, Willis portrays David Dunn, a man who slowly comes to realize that he has superpowers, including invulnerability, strength, and the ability to see snippets of the future. The film would later receive a secret sequel in 2016's Split, leading to a finale in 2019's Glass.

While perhaps slower-paced than most superhero fans would be used to, Unbreakable is an intriguing thriller that explores concepts that many other superhero films tend to skip right over. Unbreakable is certainly a product of its time when films were able to move slower without losing audience attention and serve as a terrific time capsule for fans of the modern superhero genre.

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