Life After Lockup: Kevin & Tiffany Set 'Ground Rules' After Cheating

Kevin and Tiffany are leaving their cheating pasts behind by setting new "ground rules" in their relationship in the new season of Life After Lockup. The couple brought the drama to Love After Lockup's previous season with their frequent breakups, makeups and slip-ups with other people. Tiffany was the first to consider other options after leading Kevin to believe she was moving in with him upon her release. But leading up to her release from prison, Kevin noticed how distant Tiffany became.

While Kevin anticipated Tiffany's release, she encouraged him not to come to pick him up. Out of suspicion, Kevin showed up anyway and met Curtis, the other man Tiffany had been entertaining while in jail. After exchanging words, Kevin ended up knocking Curtis out cold and leaving Tiffany to pick her new boyfriend up off the ground. Tiffany would eventually come back to Kevin and move in with him. But when she learned Kevin was still entertaining other women, she moved out once again. By season's end, the pair were back together and attempting to figure out how they could make things work.


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An exclusive clip from the new season of Life After Lockup that premieres Friday on WeTV reveals the new dynamics Tiffany and Kevin are setting in their relationship to avoid being dishonest with each other. "I think we should establish some ground rules first," Tiffany tells Kevin during a lunch date. But Kevin questions Tiffany once she lets him know that the rules are a result of him being a "ladies' man." Tiffany mentions Kevin's not-so-great "track record," which includes flirty texts with other women and a crazy ex named Kayla who randomly shows up at his house to question why he won't commit to her. "You want me to believe that y'all are just friends now," Tiffany quips in reference to Kevin and Kayla's romantic history of ups and downs.

However, Kevin has concerns of his own, considering Tiffany's past with Curtis. "I don't want to beat up no more dudes," Kevin says as a flashback clip shows his street fight with Curtis. The Life After Lockup star warns Kevin that she's willing to "beat up" any girls Kevin might be entertaining behind her back. The conversation highlights the lack of trust in their two-month relationship that Tiffany aims to remedy by "bringing someone in" to their budding relationship. "So you want to bring in a girl that you approve and you like to watch over me," Kevin asks Tiffany before she questions if it's a bad idea. But, of course, it's not a bad idea for Kevin if it means having two girlfriends instead of one. Kevin gladly writes down his requirements for the new ground rules, which include the woman being "fine" and not "broke." During his confessional on Life After Lockup, Kevin expresses his skepticism with Tiffany's new throuple idea but says it's an "all win" for him being the only male in the equation. The couple starts to throw out ideas on how they'll find their new concubine, which include the woman seated at the next table or trying a few dating apps.

As the new season of Life After Lockup premieres, fans will get to see if Tiffany and Kevin enjoy a happy, healthy threesome romance. They'll also get to see if Kevin's ex Kayla will make an unwanted visit. Either way, there's sure to be lots of drama coming to their TV screens when Life After Lockup returns after being off the air since late last year.