Love Island: 10 Ways The Franchise Must Change To Stay Fresh

Love Island UK has paved the way for the franchise to spread internationally, but as another season of the original version draws to a close, it's a good time to reflect upon the innovation of the series and the ways in which it can evolve. Although the basic concept feels less stale than ever, change has to happen to keep the format fresh and vibrant.

Regardless, shifting things up needs to happen to continue to appeal to audiences. Whether it's the types of people being brought into the villa, the setting of the show itself, or perhaps the way in which Casa Amor is implemented in the future, these deviations could well be a new way forward for Love Island. 


Love Island Should Include All Stars Or Celebrities

Tommy and Molly-Mae pose together on Love Island

While it definitely shouldn't be a regular idea, the concept of a Love Island All-Stars, or a celebrity-led variation, would be really intriguing for audiences. The return of Adam Collard in the most recent season of Love Island UK demonstrates how returnees can really work well.

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Fans would love to see their favorites back again, but what's more, a version of the show that sees genuine celebrities alongside regular people looking for love would surely be gripping television. The latter idea is very unlikely to happen considering few celebrities would want to take part in the format, but an All-Stars iteration could definitely work at this late stage of the franchise.

Love Island Should Includ More Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Love Island season 8 cast around fire pit

Fans don't really see much of the behind-the-scenes of Love Island, with all talk of the logistics of the show banned from the discussions of islanders. The banter they might have with a camera operator, meal times, or the off days they are treated to, are all kept out of the edit.

But if this barrier was removed it might give the islanders the opportunity to show off their personalities in a more relatable way and perhaps even indicate that there are other ways dramas could arise, outside of the usual methods fans are familiar with. This departure from the normal would definitely shake things up a bit. More light could also be shed on ejections and those that opt to leave the platform.

Love Island Should Include The Unseen Bits

Tasha Ghouri Love Island

Unseen Bits is the spin-off show from Love Island that is released once a week while the islanders are having their off day away from the cameras. It showcases the funnier moments of the villa, moving away from the arguments and drama that bloat the main episodes.

But these instances of levity could really help the main show to feel fresh. Audiences can often associate with new bombshells in a deeper way once they have seen Unseen Bits and what they are really like. Charisma and personality can sometimes be taken out of the edit when everything is so heavily chopped up. Unseen Bits could be canned to allow this material into the main show.

There Should Be A Proper Winter Love Island

Paige and Finn sit on the couch on Love Island

The concept behind a Winter Love Island centered upon the notion that fans needed more content. The escapism that the version of the show gave fans, jetting them away to a hotter climate, definitely worked in its favor. The season was a success and Paige and Finn were crowned the victors.

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Love Island could benefit from a genuine location evolution though, with a winter version that actually takes place in a snowy backdrop. The villa could be replaced with a cabin and everything would change, from the dates to the potential for couple hikes, snowball fights, chats by the fire, and hot cocoa in the Hideaway.

Love Island Should Delay Casa Amor Till Later In The Season

The women sit in the casa Amor hot tub on Love Island

It's definitely a point of contention among viewers as to when Casa Amor should be introduced to proceedings. There's an argument to be made that the most recent season of Love Island UK brought the sister Villa in far too soon before the couples formed deeper connections.

Stick-or-twist is the name of the game, as islanders turn their heads to the potential of a better suitor. When Casa Amor is brought in during the first few weeks to keep things fresh, its impact is a little diluted. Maybe to really spice things up, it could take place in the closing week of the series, as a final hurdle.

Love Island Should Feature More Challenges

Caro falls into tub on Love Island USA

Challenges are all part of the fun of living in the Villa. There are a few classics from the series' history, from the truth bike to the Casa Amor postcards, the flirty dances, and the pie throwing contest. The latest season of Love Island certainly featured far fewer challenges than usual.

These kinds of tasks encourage the islanders to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. It can sometimes lead to drama too, which is of course entertaining. In future series, new challenges that are even more inventive in their presentation, would add a kinetic energy to the interactions of the cast.

Love Island Should Add More Public Interaction

love island season 8 girls at recoupling

The public was really quite involved in the latest season of Love Island UK; they were even allowed to put the initial couples together. This interaction allows viewers to become really invested in the show, knowing that their decisions and choices really make a difference.

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On the other hand, many of the public votes were disregarded in favor of the other islanders voting each other off. For fans to continue to invest in the show, future choices have to be accountable, even if the producers aren't happy with who might be getting sent home.

Love Island Should Acknowledge The Outside World

Love Island villa in Majorca, Spain

The outside world is where all islanders will eventually end up once their Villa experience has come to a conclusion. There's some talk of how the couples with interact with one another's families, and definitely an indication of where they might live or meet once their adventure is over.

However, outside of this, talk of the world beyond the walls of the Villa is kept to a minimum. The importance of their lives before Love Island and what might happen to couples after their experience together is almost brushed over. This should change so that viewers can see the reality of the reality show.

Love Island Should Draw Islanders From Outside The Instagram Sphere

Amber Gill from Love Island UK

Small-scale celebrities and influencers have at times populated the villa to a huge degree. It's obvious that producers will want to bring in bombshells that can move the needle in terms of audience interest. But when the experience is packed full of people seeking attention, the results can be underwhelming.

Average people with real lives and jobs are sometimes the best for this kind of reality TV. Those seeking fame will do anything to get it and can damage the show itself. The odd inclusion of a famous face on social media doesn't hurt, but when there are too many it can dilute the number of people genuinely looking for love thus taking victories away from the best Love Island couples in favor of online popularity.

Love Island Should Cast More "Regular" Islanders

The islanders competing in the Raunchy Races in Love Island

Love Island is heading toward a new format, which sees regular middle-aged contestants with 'normal body types' enter the Villa for the first time, looking for a genuine connection. It's a completely different concept from the usual show, which has often taken quite a vain point of view.

With the focus on such a different crop of islanders, there's something so wholesome about the idea. It's sure to appeal to a different range of viewers, who might see something of themselves within the authentic contestants. This could be the future of the series and the next step in the franchise's evolution.

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