Love Island UK: 10 Loudest Fights Of All Time

Love Island UK has continued to be a global hit with audiences as fans have become attached to the dramatic and chaotic villa where single people attempt to win the top prize and find love in the process. This year's season has hooked people back in when it premiered and it continued to unfold new twists and turns that will surely top any previous season that came before it.

Throughout the show's run, there have been many fights between couples and other contestants, and some were so loud and explosive that they have stood out as some of the most memorable and ear-splitting scenes to ever be produced.


10 Jordan vs Anna - 2019

Love Island - Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili

The 5th season of the Love Island reboot saw many highs and lows between the couples, but easily one of the most explosive arguments was between Jordan and Anna, where a private apology to her ends up exploding in his face.

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Anna's reaction quickly escalates as she breaks down just how disrespectful he was the previous night which led to an awkward break-up. Even after his attempt, Anna's rant about what happened within the group of women could be heard from the other side of the garden.

9 Georgia vs. Amber - 2017

Ellie and Georgia talking in Love Island

For the uninitiated, recouping is when two single individuals can changes places and vote to be with another person. In one of the recouplings, Georgina voted for Kem, who wasn't aware that he was already with Amber as she was the newest addition to the villa.

While the outcome may not be the biggest, Amber didn't shy away from expressing her frustration, turning into a nemesis for Georgina in the following episodes. Trying to grab the attention to support her, Amber's friends joined in to defend her vocally, which rallied everyone against the innocent Georgina.

8 Terry vs. Malin - 2016

Terry and Malin fighting while lying on a bed in Love Island

In one of the many memorable highlights of the 2016 series, Terry overreacted to Malin trying to share his toastie with another contestant. Unfortunately for them, what followed truly was the definition of hangry.

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His immature and overreactive behavior saw him being ridiculed by everyone, with Malin struggling to understand why this action caused him so much frustration. However, as is often the case, everyone's reactions only prompted Terry to become even more angry at the situation.

7 Siannise vs. Rebecca - 2020

Even though this loud clash is two years old, it still holds out as one of the best moments from the 6th season. After a recoupling ignites frustrations between some of the competing couples, Siannise and Rebecca attempt to discuss the outcome just came crashing down.

Despite their different lengths within the villa at this moment, Siannise and Rebecca clearly didn't mesh well after trying to express how the results impacted them. Their conversation soon got them fired up and became so loud that everyone else was intrigued by what was going on.

6 Belle vs. Anton - 2019

Love Island Villa 2019

Going back to the season from 2019, there were plenty of other couples who had many argumentative and shocking moments that made fans sit at the edge of their seats. And one of them was Belle and Anton as they chatted over some drinks on a night out.

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It soon became a display for everyone to forcibly witness as Belle slammed him for not expressing his true feelings when they were together in the villa weeks prior. While it is one thing for the other couples to hear, this time, they couldn't help but watch as Belle yelled at Anton.

5 Kady vs Scott - 2016

Katy McDermott talking to the camera in love Island

Perhaps one of the stand-out singletons of the 2016 season, Kady's brash behavior and yelling sparked many highlights from the series and went down on Reddit as one of the worst cast members of all time. Among her many rants was the brief but loud outburst between her and Scott.

While in the Hideaway after being temporarily banished from the villa, Kady argues with Scott through the door about what she's done in past episodes and how she feels about everyone else. This clip may be just over a minute long, but her manipulative actions saw them yell with a bodyguard and a door the only things separating them.

4 Molly-Mae vs. Tommy - 2019

Molly-Mae returns and is comforted by Caroline Flack

2019 showed no signs of slowing down when it came to controversial arguments and heated collisions between the couples. After Maura was introduced as the latest addition to the villa, she soon went on a dinner date with Tommy, much to Molly-Mae's dismay.

This soon led to the two arguing in the bedroom as the two clearly had different feelings about one another. While it may not have had the most peaceful ending to their relationship, it did spark some high-volumed reactions from Molly-Mae that fans won't soon forget as they would become one of the best couples in the show.

3 Ekin-su vs. Davide - 2022

Love Island UK Davide Sanclimenti

The latest season of Love Island UK, 2022 saw some new faces who could potentially become some of the most memorable cast members in the show's history. Among them could very well be Ekin-Su and Davide for this particularly heated confrontation.

In an attempt to decipher the nature of her relationship with Jay, Davide tries to see if she could be a potential romantic interest for him, but it quickly spins out of control and, frustrated by his and everyone else's noisy attitudes, Ekin-Su expresses it in an argument between the Italian stallion and one of the most explosive bombshell islanders.

2 Faye vs. Everyone - 2021

Faye angrily points at someone in Love Island

Easily one of the most recognizable faces from last year's season, Faye's outbursts and attempts to divide saw her become an unnecessarily competitive person. And after a recoupling saw her no longer with Jake, she was eager to show her frustration for all to see, making it one of the most explosive arguments ever in the show.

What made it a stand-out moment was to see how far Faye was willing to put herself in the spotlight while dramatically dragging everyone else involved with her volume. This loud moment may be one of the highlights of that season, but it also shows just how toxic it can make the contestants by their loud and brash attitudes.

1 Malia vs Kady - 2016

Malia angrily confronts the other girls in Love Island

With over 5 million views on YouTube and one of the most epic feuds in the show's history, Malia and Kady's argument is easily the loudest and one of the most dramatic in the villa. After Scott's date with Malia, Kady attempts to try and know her after her argument with Scott.

Ater some of her drink splashes on Malia, the fight immediately sets off with all the women singletons there to try and break it up as their shouts can be heard from the other side of the villa. Even the security came calling as Malia was eventually removed from Kady and, ultimately, the villa.

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