Love Island USA Fans Think Sydney's Being Hypocritical Towards Isaiah

Sydney can't seem to make up her mind about who she wants to date on Love Island USA, and fans think she's being quite hypocritical. The 22-year-old coupled up with Isaiah on the first day at the villa, and the two quickly connected. However, things got rocky when Valerie arrived on the island, and she had her eyes on Sydney's partner. The contestant broke down crying over her worries that Isaiah didn't like her back but was luckily comforted by her fellow islanders, especially the always-supportive Zeta. It became clear that Sydney had nothing to worry about as Valerie ultimately picked Jesse to be her partner.


However, even though Sydney had Isaiah back to herself, she decided to weigh her options and get to know Andy a little better. Andy, who was partnered with Mady, felt a much stronger connection with Sydney, putting him in a very difficult situation. The two shared a passionate kiss, which led Andy to choose Sydney over Mady when it was time to recouple. His decision completely blindsided Isaiah but allowed him to couple up with Mady and get to know her better. When the two shared a kiss in their bed, Sydney was once again in tears over Isaiah's attraction to another islander.

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Fans of Love Island are a little confused over Sydney's emotional reaction to Isaiah and Mady and think she is being hypocritical. Reddit user Crazyfortajin pointed out that Sydney was very upset over Isaiah and Mady's kiss but was visibly happy when Andy picked her, making it seem as though she didn't want to be with Isaiah anymore. "Her behavior is so weird to me because it’s not like Andy picked her out [of] the blue. They had a conversation prior to the recoupling and even kissed which she was very much into," one fan pointed out. Another fan wrote, "She seems like she wants her cake and to eat it too," referencing how Sydney doesn't want to be coupled up with Isaiah but doesn't want him to move on to somebody else.

Fans also credited her hypocritical behavior to immaturity, pointing out that during one episode, she told fellow islander Sereniti that she likes playing games in relationships. "Sydney needs therapy not Love Island," one fan added. Despite her hypocritical behavior, she hasn't completely turned Isaiah off. In the latest episode, the islander told his former partner that he still has stronger feelings for her than he does for Mady. Then at the end of the episode, two new islanders joined, and fans voted that one of them goes on a date with Isaiah. Fans will get to see how Sydney copes with more competition during episode 8.

It seems like Sydney's head is all over the place. Maybe the Love Island villa wasn't the place for her to find love after all. She might need to spend some more time alone to figure out what she's really looking for in a partner. While she may have felt a connection to Andy, she just can't seem to get over her feelings for Isaiah. She might soon be running back to him like Jesse did with Deb. However, with Mady and new islander Bria on his radar, the Isaiah train may have left the Love Island USA station before Sydney had a chance to get back on.