Luigi's Mansion Changed Mario's Brother Forever

Luigi's Mansion was Luigi's first big role outside of Mario's shadow, and it helped him to develop into the character he is today. It was the first chance that Nintendo took to give Luigi his own character apart from simply being Mario's brother. The move was a success, as not only did the game do very well, but the evolution of Luigi's character also stuck for future games.

Luigi's Mansion was one of the first games released for the Nintendo GameCube. The plot involved Luigi venturing through a ghost-infested mansion in order to find Mario, who had gone missing. Unfortunately, Luigi is terrified of ghosts, but with the help of Professor E. Gadd's ghost-catching vacuum, he is ultimately successful in defeating King Boo and rescuing his brother. The mansion may be one of the worst video game houses to live in, but it provides a great setting for the game. Although initially divisive, Luigi's Mansion has become one of the more beloved Mario spinoffs over the years, even receiving two sequels.


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One of the first things that players will notice about Luigi's Mansion is Luigi's demeanor. Unlike Mario, who is always quietly confident, Luigi is clearly afraid of the mansion and the ghosts inside. The player can even make him call for Mario at the press of a button, with his calls becoming more desperate the lower his health is. However, despite his nerves and phobia of ghosts, Luigi does manage to come through and save the day, as well as his brother. The game also took time to give Luigi extra characterization in the form of mental comments from him on various things in the mansion, should the player examine them. Even though Luigi can't wear Mario's red costume, there's nothing keeping him from being an entertaining protagonist in his own right.

Luigi's Nervous, Lovable Portrayal In Luigi's Mansion Became Iconic

Luigi's Mansion

The traits that Luigi showed in Luigi's Mansion would cross over into his other appearances in Mario titles. Luigi is noticeably more soft-spoken than Mario ever since Luigi's Mansion was released, with more muted expressions compared to his brother's enthusiasm. The best place to see these differences is the Mario & Luigi RPG titles. In these games, Luigi is portrayed as much more cautious and fearful than Mario, and Mario is also the one to initiate most of the brothers' attacks to boot. Although far from the only example of these differences, these games have the most clear instance. Although the Mario Bros. are twins, they have become two very distinct characters.

The evolution of Luigi into his own character separate from Mario has been beneficial for both Luigi as a character and the games overall. Luigi's cautiousness compared to Mario's confidence has given him his own niche, and many fans have taken a liking to Luigi's more developed personality. That combined with his abilities increasingly differing from Mario's outside the main platformer games have shown how far Luigi has come from the days when he was simply "Green Mario." Were it not for Luigi's Mansion, he may not have been able to evolve in this way, and things such as Luigi wearing lederhosen in Mario Kart Tour may have never happened.

Mario and Luigi are now two very different characters, and a lot of the credit for that can go to Luigi's Mansion. By giving Luigi his own time to shine, he was able to finally break out as his own character rather than remaining as the quintessential player 2 character. Fans of Luigi should be thankful for how Luigi's Mansion allowed him to grow.