Married To Medicine: Dr. Contessa Hasn’t Talked To Heavenly In Months

Dr. Contessa from Married to Medicine details the rift between herself and Dr. Heavenly in a recent episode. Contessa Metcalfe joined the franchise during season 5, following Heavenly Kimes, who had previously joined during season 2. The two ladies have always had a rocky relationship throughout the seasons. In Atlanta, the ladies of Bravo's Married to Medicine have no problem showing off with the drama. Since dentist Dr. Heavenly Kimes entered the group, she has not been afraid to be contentious in person or in her confessionals. Heavenly is married to a doctor as well, Dr. Damond, who she refers to as "Daddy." She believes the strength of her marriage directly contributes to her strength and integrity as an individual and does not hesitate to remind others of that any time a castmate picks a fight with her.


From the start, Dr. Contessa and her husband, Dr. Scott, have never shied away from being transparent about their inner family drama. The ladies had a rough first season of their Bravo show together when Contessa first joined, with Heavenly spending practically the whole season mispronouncing her name. After more episodes, a bond between the ladies became strong until this past off-season when Dr. Heavenly criticized Contessa's marriage during some of the videos she uploads online. Married to Medicine season 9 returned recently. During the premiere, Contessa opened up about the disappearance of her friendship with Heavenly

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Contessa's feelings on this matter do not seem to be something she will just be bringing up in one confessional. A preview clip from a recent episode was shared by Bravo's The Daily Dish, showing Dr. Contessa opening up to fellow castmate Toya Bush-Harris about where things stand with Heavenly, revealing, "I don't even know if you know this, but me and Heavenly kind of took a little break," also stating "I haven't talked to Heavenly in, like, months." During the preview, Bravo celeb Contessa explains in her confessional being hurt over Heavenly's actions.

Contessa is firmly staying mad at Heavenly for comments made during the off-season. During media for Married to Medicine season 9, both ladies made it known that their disagreement takes a prominent role throughout the season. Heavenly is staying strong with her opinion that her friends should know she never holds back when asked a question or for advice. Contessa talked to viewers through social media during the premiere and assured confused fans that do not understand her anger towards Heavenly, to keep watching.

The Married to Medicine girls have always been more like a group of sisters than friends. This sisterhood foundation is felt throughout all things, even the way the ladies fight. For this reason, fans of the Bravo show believe Heavenly and Contessa will come together again as the season plays out. As long as both the ladies can respect each other's boundaries when it comes to talking about one another, and Contessa can remember that Heavenly is always coming from love (even when she says things that should never leave her mind), they will hopefully be able to reconcile. Raising the white flag on this fight may take all season, but fans will stay waiting until all the ladies are on the same page and shine together in group events, the way the fans love them the most.